Iron Crypticle Nintendo Switch Review

Iron Crypticle









  • Retro Style
  • Music
  • Gameplay


  • Limited to 4 players

Iron Crypticle on Nintendo Switch is a blast for you single player fans, but once you get the multiplayer out, then its another level of fun.

Iron Crypticle Nintendo Switch Review

Iron Crypticle is a medieval style game, where you and up to three other players swing axes in multiple levels, each more difficult than the last. You start each game with an axe and a shared health pool. Meaning if one player dies then you all die. You then kill all the enemies you can see.

In each corner will be the player stats. You can see their stats, health and XP. This means you can protect the most damaged player to make sure you don’t lose the level. You can start each level in single player, with new players able to join whenever just by pressing the bumpers on their controller.

Iron Crypticle Nintendo Switch Review

The use of pixel art and retro music was an inspired choice. They make the game feel a lot more fun. Waves of enemies spawn to try to take you out. You go right through them, leading to a pretty satisfying kill. There are hidden rooms. These include upgrade points, or mini-boss levels. Each level ends with a mega boss at the end.

Iron Crypticle Nintendo Switch Trailer

You will find that you have play tactfully the further you progress. Also, health points are limited. Therefore, you may decide to give it to the player with only one hit left. The more levels you complete the better weapons and spells you find.

Iron Crypticle Nintendo Switch Review

Iron Crypticle really sticks out as a great game in my mind. It’s a great mix of retro style and modern game mechanics. This makes it a fun single player game and a great multiplayer game. Finally, please check out our other gaming reviews.

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