IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station Review

I was looking for an USB expansion dock to provide me with extra ports and connections through a single USB-C cable. The IOGear USB-C Docking Station with Power Delivery 3.0 is powered via the USB port, and you can use the dock to provide pass-through-power with USB-C. It is designed to be user-friendly, with an elevated back and lower front that effectively raises the screen for easier viewing, and a rubberised underside that prevents any slippage.

IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station Review

The ports are simple to get to as the sloped design leaves them open for use at the back edge of your laptop. When testing this I began with my Dell that doesn’t have a USB-C port included, so I was using the USB-C to A adapter to connect with no issues. I found everything to be easy to access – once I found the perfect position I didn’t have to shift my laptop about just to get to one port or another. The only issue I could see would be if your USB port was on the opposite side of your laptop to the dock – the adapter cable might not quite reach.

IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station Specs

USB-CBuilt-in USB 3.1 G1 Type-C cable
HDMI1x HDMI port (v.1.4 spec compliant, up to 3840×2160@30Hz)
Mini DisplayPort1x miniDisplayPort port (v.1.2 spec compliant, up to 3840×2160@30Hz)
VGA1x VGA port (up to 1920×1200@60Hz)
USB-A3x USB 3.0 A ports, 1 port with BC1.2 charging
USB-C1x USB-C port for charging, 1 x USB-C for data
Card ReaderSupports SD/SDHC/SDXC @ UHS-I class, MMC
Ethernet1x Gigabit Ethernet port
AudioDC3.5 port, support audio or microphone
Power Delivery Pass-ThruPD 3.0 / 100W (A total of up to 85W can be charged to the laptop after deduction of max 15W used by the dock)

Before I get too heavily into the technical details, let me stop to say that this is a nice looking dock that is built well for its purpose. The sloped angle gives a comfortable laptop height at which to work. It looks attractive and is designed nicely – all the ports are well placed and accessible from most angles, it seems well thought out. If nothing else, the power-through functionality is helpful in reducing the load of cabling some of us seem to wind up carrying everywhere.

IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station Review

IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station

When getting into Mac territory, the dock starts to really shine. The power-through USB-C port works, and I can get a charge via that method. You can run any number of useful connections from this dock – you could connect to a HDMI projector with the HDMI port, or run a presentation with a wireless hand-held mouse using the USB ports for the dongle. This would be a good dock to have available in a meeting space for multiple users. There’s no noticeable lack of quality to the HDMI output, and when I tested this out with a wireless USB Logitech mouse, it worked perfectly and instantly.

IOGEAR USB-C Docking Station Review

The IOGear hosts a lot of other connectivity that works as expected. There’s Ethernet, SD, Micro-SD, and a 3.5mm audio port. This is a nice docking station for versatility, especially if you’re wanting something that can be flexible for multiple devices. It runs with Windows10 and supports dual-monitor set ups but wasn’t the best at handling my Surface. I can’t personally vouch for the ease of use with an iPad but having seen other online reviews that using an external monitor with an iPad is a good set up.

Overall, this is a really nicely designed and actually useful bit of tech. Finally, check out our other digital home reviews.

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