Intempo EE3358 Interactive Gaming Headset Review

Intempo EE3358 Interactive Gaming Headset Earphones with Microphone and Superior Sound, Green/Black, 20.6 cm x 23 cm x 10.5 cm









  • Great Sound
  • Good Fit
  • Comftable


  • No Wireless option

Intempo are not a name I have heard in regards to gaming products, but having checked them out they look awesome! Their Intempo EE3358 Interactive Gaming Headset comes with huge cushioned ear pads and great sound quality.

Intempo EE3358 Interactive Gaming Headset Review

The Intempo EE3358 are wired and come with a 3.5mm/USB cable, allowing me to connect to my laptop. Compared to Bluetooth headphones, I found this kind of connection best and didn’t have any issues. There was no lag and drivers installed as soon as the USB cable was plugged in.

Intempo EE3358 Interactive Gaming Headset Review

Intempo EE3358 Interactive Gaming Headset Features

This fantastic Intempo headset cancels out surrounding noise for the ultimate atmosphere. With a microphone allowing you to interact with fellow gamers and high-quality headphones, you can enjoy crystal clear audio. There is a Y splitter adapter which allows more than one headset to connect to a console, it is perfect for enjoying with friends. It’s compatible with PlayStation, Xbox and laptops and the headset has LED lights that will flash while you play adding to the experience. You can connect it to your console via the USB or the stereo jack and immerse yourself in your favourite games with this amazing headset.

Turning on the EE3358 starts that light show through the logo. The controls for the listening and mic volume are all in the right place and feels incredibly intuitive. There is an LED on the mic and the volume wheel works really well.

Intempo EE3358 Interactive Gaming Headset Review

The sound quality was excellent, those drivers really pump out the sound. The noise blocking pads are awesome, and keep all the music in and all the background sounds out. They feel really comfortable on the head and I have worn them for 7 hours or so in one sitting.

Voices are incredibly crisp and action sequences explode inside my head. The omnidirectional microphone is easy to use, and when doing Skype calls with France, people had no problem hearing me at all.

The cost is around £24.91 via Amazon. Finally, check out our other audio reviews.

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