Intempo 6 in 1 Office Set Review

Intempo 6 in 1 Office Set Review



Complete with all of the workspace essentials, this Intempo 6 in 1 Office Set is perfect for organising your desk space. Complete with a phone holder, laptop riser, desk mat, two wrist supports and a cable tidy, this impressive set will help to keep your work space tidy and will fit nicely in your work or laptop bag, wonderfully easy to store and transport. Extremely practical, the laptop riser boasts seven height options and the phone holder is extendable for added ease.

The phone holder has a heavy base and is free standing. It means the phone is almost face hieght, so great for calls and checking messages. I had no issues placing my S22 Ultra or the Z3 Fold. The joints can be tightened and hold the device without any iusses.

Intempo 6 in 1 Office Set Review

Intempo 6 in 1 Office Set Review

The laptop riser folds up to be no smaller then a pencil case. I was even able to put it in my pockets without any real problems. It was able to support my gaming laptop, with only a small wiggle when nudged. This is definatley at the bottom of my list, it’s OK but definatley would struggle being used for more than a couple of days.

The large desk mat has a smooth surfice, and feels great to glid a mouse over. It’s big enough to fit my laptop, keyboard and mouse on with a bit of room for a tea. It’s a little thin, so I think may wear down with use, but for a pop-up desk it’s great.

The two wrist rests are padded with a gel insert and allow my wrists to rest without putting any strain on them. The inserts are cool, so I didn’t get hot wrists. But, with a lot of this stuff, with use I could see these wearing down over time.

The cable wrap is a small rubberised cable holder, with 7 “gaps” in it. There is a 3m style sticker on the bottom to attach it to your desk, or screen base. It’s strong enough to hold all my cables, with the sticker keeping it in place.

Overall, the Intempo 6 in 1 Office Set is a great break incase of emergency desk setup. I wouldn’t suggest using it long term, but in an emergency it’s great!

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