Indivisible Nintendo Switch Review

Indivisible Nintendo Switch



Indivisible on Nintendo Switch is an action RPG / platformer featuring stunning hand-drawn art and animation combined with unique real-time combat mechanics. Immerse yourself in a fantastical world with dozens of playable characters, a rich storytelling experience, gameplay that’s easy to learn but difficult to master, and the trademark razor-sharp quality that Lab Zero Games is known for!

Indivisible Nintendo Switch Review

You play as Ajna, who is trained to fight by her father. When your village is suddenly attacked, your father dies. As you try to avenge his death, you discover you can absorb your enemies and send them to a sort of phantom zone inside Ajnas mind.

Indivisible seems to think its a story focused game, but the game never really stops long enough for you to be absorbed into it. Things like the death of the father and absorbing of his killer, all happen in the first 3 mins of the game. These kind of events are normally huge, but kind of disappear in a blink of an eye. This was a little disappointing, as the characters are strong and well written. They all have differences and easily to find your favourite. Their conversations become interesting to listen to.

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The fighting system is turn-based. You can have up to four players, who are linked to the four face buttons on the Switch. These characters have action points for their attacks. Using a combo of up or down with the action button allows for different actions. When timed correctly, you can have all your characters attack, and never give the enemy a chance. A couple of weeks in and I am still learning new combination of characters, and I’m not tired yet.

Indivisible Nintendo Switch Review

Outside of battling, you travel through what feels like an open world. Yet after spending some time, is very linear with just the illusion of open worldness. There are platforming segments, which aren’t even that challenging. One thing missing is an RPG element, there are levels that you can go up, but no skill tree etc.

Indivisible Nintendo Switch Review

The one thing I love about this game is the graphics. The locations are varied and amazing. There is a mixture of 3D and 2D scenes, which work so well together. The animations of the characters and baddies are AAA quality and have their distinct look.

Overall, Indivisible on Nintendo Switch is a great looking game. The combat elements are fun, but the rest of the game elements are a tad lacking. Finally, check out Jabba Reviews. Also, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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