IHUGU Nintendo Switch Review








  • Great 8bit Graphics
  • Simple Controls
  • Great Character Design


  • Can get old quickley
  • Frustrating 😉

IHUGU for Nintendo Switch has a very basic premise. You have to hug everyone that crosses your path but hug them only once. Sounds simple enough, but I can confirm this game is far from simple.

You can play IHUGU by swiping left via the touchscreen or with the left stick, and you simply need to hug every character in a level once. There is no story to the reason why you will only hug someone once, but I don’t think this game is missing a story.

IHUGU Nintendo Switch Review

IHUGU has a fin pixel look to it. The characters themselves are all unique and take looks from famous people from TV, movies and real life. The backgrounds change for each level, and though is the same premise, the fact the look changes keeps me wanting to play it.

iHUGU – Nintendo Switch release

This feels like an Adult-Swim kinda game. Its childish but the design and look of the characters has an adult theme to them. I know that anyone from 5 to 85 could play this without any problems.

IHUGU Nintendo Switch Review

IHUGU is a memory game. You meet someone on the screen, and then you choose to hug them or not. You then have to remember who you hugged as they may come back in the same level. But also you have to make sure you hug everyone once. Choosing not to hug someone new, or someone twice classes as a fail and you start again. Though basic, I did find I played this game for around 30 mins straight. Before I realised what I was doing.

IHUGU Nintendo Switch Review

IHUGU is £3.59 so around the price of a mobile phone game. This is one of those games that you can pick up and play from time to time. It’s a great time killer and can be pretty addictive. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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