iFi Audio ZEN CAN Headphone Amp Review

iFi Audio ZEN CAN Headphone Amp



Laptops and smartphones have a really low power output of <1.0v. On a good set of headphones, you’re always running out of juice. You never get to hear what they can do. Use a laptop, phone or DAC to feed your music to the iFi Audio ZEN CAN Headphone Amp and connect your headphones. Pumping out 52x more power, now you’ll hear what you have been missing.

iFi Audio ZEN CAN Headphone Amp Review

I love the look of the iFi Audio ZEN CAN Headphone Amp. It’s a stylish slim device, with a sleek look to it. The dials on the front are solid and feel almost retro, in a world without dials. The I/O consists of a ¼” unbalanced output, a 3.5mm unbalanced input, stereo RCA, and 4.4mm “Pentaconn” balanced input and outputs. There is also a bass boost option and 3D sound.

iFi Audio ZEN CAN Headphone Amp Review

Performance-wise, I can’t find any fault with the Zen Can. I wasn’t able to hear any distortion or background noise. You will need to be using a pair of headphones capable of handling that amount of power. The big plus for me is how loud I can pump out music, without having to deal with any distortion. This allows me to truly enjoy music, with an added punch to the flow.

A function I found I rarely used with the bass boost function. This is a personal choice, as I find the headphones I use to offer the right amount of bass for my taste. The 3D sound was very subtle, and for some tracks, I couldn’t even hear it. This was a plus for me, as I’d rather it be subtle then feel too artificial.

All these points make this equally great to watch movies with. I also found it amazing for PC gaming, offering a different experience. Shooting and explosions ring through my head now.

Overall, the iFi Audio ZEN CAN Headphone Amp has the power to delivery some game-changing audio. The sound can be as loud as a live gig and there isn’t a sign of distortion.

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