iDisplayit Back to the Future Time Machine Display Case & Stand for LEGO: A Review

iDisplayit Back to the Future Time Machine Display Case & Stand for LEGO



Assembling LEGO sets is a highly gratifying experience. You watch as a pile of seemingly random pieces transforms into something magnificent. But once the model is complete, what do you do with it? This question is especially pertinent if the set in question is something as iconic as the LEGO® Back to the Future Time Machine (10300). Fortunately, the iDisplayit Back to the Future Time Machine Display Case & Stand solves this conundrum for you, offering a chance to both protect and display your intricate LEGO craftsmanship.

Aesthetic and Design

The iDisplayit display case is designed with a transparent body, allowing onlookers to admire the model inside without obstruction. The high-quality acrylic used in the construction ensures a crystal-clear view of your DeLorean. Furthermore, the modern and minimalistic design ensures that the case blends in with any room aesthetic while adding a touch of class.

iDisplayit Back to the Future Time Machine Display Case & Stand for LEGO: A Review

Versatility and Compatibility

All three versions of the LEGO 10300 DeLorean can fit snugly into this case, with the only exception being the original time machine’s lightning rod, which needs to be removed. This isn’t a significant drawback since the primary focus here is to showcase the model and not a specific iteration.

The acrylic stand inside the case angles your vehicle, providing a dynamic look that goes beyond mere placement. This design feature enhances the car’s details, ensuring that your DeLorean remains the star of the show.

Stackability and Space Saving

Perhaps one of the most impressive features is the case’s stackability. If you’re a dedicated collector of Back to the Future DeLoreans, this display box has got you covered. It allows you to keep your entire collection together and organized. The stacking feature is compatible even with smaller cases for the set, offering you various display configurations.

Assembly and Access

The product arrives flat-packed and requires assembly. The process involves screwing the acrylic panels together with the 10 screws provided. The instructions are straightforward, making the assembly a relatively painless process. Once assembled, the top panel can be easily lifted away from the base to allow quick access to the model within, an essential feature for those who like to occasionally tinker with their LEGO sets.

iDisplayit Back to the Future Time Machine Display Case & Stand for LEGO: A Review


The internal size of the case measures 390mm in length, 210mm in width, and 240mm in height, comfortably housing a LEGO plate of 48×26 studs. These dimensions not only accommodate the DeLorean but leave room for some minor additions if you’re thinking of customizing your display further.

Durability and Maintenance

Made from 3mm acrylic, the case feels sturdy and is expected to have a long lifespan. Plus, its material makes it an excellent barrier against dust, helping your LEGO DeLorean look as good as new for years to come. The case offers not just a display solution but also practical, long-term protection for your model.

Additional Options

iDisplayit also offers other display boxes for this specific LEGO set, including a larger case with custom vinyl background and floor options, and a smaller stackable clear case. These alternatives provide further customization for the discerning collector.


The iDisplayit Back to the Future Time Machine Display Case & Stand is a well-thought-out accessory for LEGO enthusiasts. It takes into account the needs of a collector, from aesthetic display and space-saving stackability to easy assembly and access. With its clear acrylic design, your LEGO DeLorean gets the showcase it deserves, making it a fantastic addition to any room or collection.

Rating: 9/10

While it would have been perfect if it accommodated the lightning rod for the original time machine, the overall design, features, and utility make it nearly flawless. Therefore, a 9 out of 10 feels justified for this brilliantly crafted display case.

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