ICEBREAKER POP Ice Cube Tray Review




The ICEBREAKER POP Ice Cube Tray is the ice cube tray re-invented. ‘Pop’ the ice cubes by pulling the straps and serve the ice cubes easily and without spillage or difficulty. Our mass-market volume products at popular price points. Easy, fun and hygienic to use, it also prevents odour absorption. POP is phthalate and BPA free and it can fit 18 big ice cubes per refill.

ICEBREAKER POP Ice Cube Tray Review

The IceBreaker Pop is a bit larger than a normal ice cube tray. But the size increase is due to it being a closed system, which also allows it to be stored a lot easier. Where you would normally have to clear a flat spot in your freezer and then carefully close the drawer to avoid spilling, the Pop can be chucked in with no problem.

ICEBREAKER POP Ice Cube Tray Review

There is a knack to getting perfect ice out of the Pop. You need to compress it first, open the top and fill it almost to the top, leaving space for the lid. You then chuck it into the freezer and wait. Once it’s frozen, you need to push down on each side. This step is crucial as it will break up all the ice cubes. You then grab each end with the handle and pull open. You then have all the ice you need and can pour it out into a bag so you can refill it again, or simply leave the ice inside.

ICEBREAKER POP Ice Cube Tray Review

The cubes are quite large and as such, last a lot longer in drinks then smaller ones do. The opening isn’t very large, but the cubes can be poured out without any problems.

Overall, the ICEBREAKER POP Ice Cube Tray is a fantastic must-have product. The idea is genius and if you have two or three of these, you can produce ice on a grand scale.

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