HYPERX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review

HYPERX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset



Providing more distinction between different sounds and minimising distortion, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset has custom dual drivers. With one chamber for bass and a separate one for mid and high tones, everything will sound crisp and clear.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset is designed to work with any games console (including PS5), PC or VR system – any device with a 3.5 mm port is compatible.

HYPERX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review

HYPERX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Review

The Cloud Alpha has large ear cups, which are padded with soft faux leather and memory foam, so you can game in comfort for hours. The durable aluminium frame can be easily expanded and is designed to suit every head size.

The noise-cancelling boom microphone can be attached and removed when needed, for crystal clear communication with your team. And using the in-line audio controls you can quickly mute the microphone or adjust the volume of your game. The cable has a tough braided design that is also detachable, so you can easily disconnect everything for storage or travel.

Let’s start with the sound and build of the actual headset. The quality of the audio was up there offering a wide frequency range which satisfied my casual listening needs. Complimenting the sturdy metal frame were the speakers which were surrounded by a comforting memory-foam sponge. This enabled extended periods of wear without ear or head sore.

Now, let’s get to the massive downfall of this product – the microphone. The mic was detachable from the headset, however, the mic itself was small and flimsy looking. Moreover, it failed to meet expectations. Whilst using the mic on Discord, a program for which it is certified, the mic displayed poor audio input quality and low levels of sound. I tried changing input sensitivities, taking the pop filter off… believe me I tried it all. After trawling internet forums, I found this to be a common issue with this product.

Overall, I was a little let down by the HYPERX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset. I found myself shouting down the mic in order to be heard.

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