Huru Backpacks Review Feature

The HURU Backpacks brand was started in 2017. It has appeared much earlier, but previously only in Oleg Vlasenko’s mind, a lead and CEO of HURU Backpacks.

By unzipping an inner bottom portion of the backpack, the main compartment expands from 25 to 30 litres in volume, providing you more space for your belongings. What is more, it expands at a 45-degree angle so that it doesn’t bother you while walking.

Huru Backpacks Review Feature

Due to HURU A Model’s water-resistant feature, weather conditions won’t threaten the dryness of your belongings.

  • CORDURA fabric — durable, versatile, reliable, water-repellent, trusted by the US Army.
  • Custom-designed buckles, made from anodized aluminium and brass.
  • Japanese YKK zippers, produced in Germany, known for high quality and water resistance.
  • Stainless steel stoppers and hooks make HURU look neat and tidy.
  • Durable nylon straps complete the materials list.

HURU A Model backpack is traveller-friendly and compliant with both the US and EU (TSA) carry-on luggage regulations. The backpack has a special detachable strap included that allows you to easily and securely piggyback your HURU on a suitcase.

  • 15,3’’ / 39cm width;
  •  18,9’’ / 48cm height;
  •  7,5 ‘’ / 19cm depth;
  •  2,9 lbs / 1.3 kg weight;
  •  25 liters – volume without expansion;
  •  30 liters – volume with expansion.

HURU A incorporates a durable plastic frame that spreads the weight of the contents, thereby decreasing the pressure on your spine. This ergonomic frame has been created by leading orthopedists with your health and well-being in mind.

HURU A Model opens like a suitcase, making the packing process fast and easy. Also, the backpacks main compartment has a sewn-in organizer to keep your goods in an order.

The built-in 15-inch laptop compartment is protected from third-party access by a locking double handle. Inside this compartment, there is an additional pocket for a smaller laptop or tablet. In addition, the bottom of this compartment is set a few inches higher than the bottom of the backpack, helping to ensure that your laptop will not be damaged even if the backpack is dropped.

HURU A also has both front and side compartments with vertical zippers. These can be used to store 0.5 or 0.7-litre bottles or even shoes! while the backpack is in use.

There are two hidden compartments: a top-secret pocket inside the front left compartment and a hidden compartment on the backside of the backpack for your most valuable items (e.g., passport or documents).

This latter compartment is easily accessed when you take off the backpack but not visible to others when the backpack is on your shoulders!

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