HUION Inspiroy H580X Drawing Tablet Review

HUION Inspiroy H580X Drawing Tablet



The HUION Inspiroy H580X Drawing Tablet is an ideal pen tablet for visual scientific subjects like biology or physiology. With the PW100 battery-free, stylus teachers can write formulas and equations or annotate abstract shapes, and students can take notes, share work and solve problems through video apps. It’s compatible with Word, PDF, OneNote, and Zoom, which is better for students to see and understand ideas in real-time.

This is a graphics tablet for a computer or phone use. The tablet measures 11”x6.75”x0.25”, and has a “screen size” of 8”x5”. It comes with a stylus, a stylus holder, a bag of spare stylus nibs, a USB A to USB C cable, USB A to C and USB A to micro adapters, and a paper quick start guide. The tablet has programmable buttons and controls.

HUION Inspiroy H580X Drawing Tablet Review

HUION Inspiroy H580X Drawing Tablet Review

To use this tablet with a computer, you download the driver, which enables you to interface with software like Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, for example), and program the buttons on the tablet. To use with a phone, you download the Huion sketch app. The tablet is powered via the same USB cable that carries the data to your device. To use this tablet with a phone, you will need a phone with a USB C port or a USB C to micro adapter (included).

I like the performance of this tablet for teaching. The tablet is very easy and intuitive to use, and writing on it is much easier than writing on a blackboard. It pairs very well with PowerPoint and Zoom for online teaching. It also works well with PowerPoint and projectors for hybrid classes.

The small 8”x5” format is great for portability, and I find the screen provides all the room I need for notations. It’s also fun to use this tablet for artwork. It’s great for making sketches for cutting on my Cricut machine.

Overall, the HUION Inspiroy H580X Drawing Tablet is a well made, easy to use graphics tablet.

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