House of Marley No Bounds Speaker Review

House of Marley No Bounds Speaker



Free to be. The House of Marley No Bounds speaker is their most rugged outdoor Bluetooth speaker, crafted with sustainable cork to be as natural as its intended environment. The 4-colour speaker series is water and dust-proof, and each No Bounds boasts a 10-hour battery life and includes dual-speaker pairing capability. The No Bounds Speaker Family are crafted from the Marley REWIND™ fabric, REGRIND™ Silicone, REGRIND™ Cork, and Recyclable Aluminum — more natural physicality for your lifestyle and rugged material that will withstand all your adventures.

House of Marley No Bounds Speaker Review

No Bounds Bluetooth® Speakers | Outdoor Speaker Series | House of Marley

The first thing about the No Bounds speaker and the House of Marley brand, in general, is design. The speaker has a unique environmentally friendly design. They use recycled cork to give this a Jamaican feel.

I would suggest getting the red version of the speaker, as it shines and is such a bold look to it. To have this all-round design, the button layout has suffered. They are difficult to pick out, and when not looking is very tough to use. There is no button, they are etched into the rubber, with no highlight, so you may have to hold it to the light to find the button.

The No Bounds speaker comes with an IP67 rating. This allows it to be covered in dust and water, which matches with its rugged look. The use of cork means that it’ll float, which is great for a bath speaker or even playing in the sea.

House of Marley No Bounds Speaker Review

Though this is a Bluetooth speaker, there is a 3.5mm port for any of you that wish to save on battery. Speaking of, the battery is around 10 hours. This seems to match our testing when using the speaker around mid-volume.

I found the lows just weren’t that pleasing compared to a higher-priced speaker. When listening to bassless songs, the highs sing and come through crisp and clear.

The design does mean that it will need to be propped up against something. This is so the music points in the right direction and not up in the air.

House of Marley No Bounds Speaker Review

If you are after a light, sleek, eco-friendly speaker, this is the one to go for. Finally, check out our other audio reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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