Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Review

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential



The Pulse Solo Essential is part of a new range of the Pulse Guybrators created by the people at Hot Octopuss.

Using patented PulsePlate Technology™, the Solo is designed to be used by yourself. It’s a bit smaller than other models, but this packs a lot of punch.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Review

The PulsePlate is designed to sit just under the head of the penis and generates an indescribable response. This will take time to experiment what works best for you. You can leave it for a handsfree orgasm, or you can squeeze it, move it up and down. The Solo is designed to work with your body.

I had never thought a handsfree orgasm was possible, but the sensation is out of this world. It is a completely different feeling than anything I am used to. It resonates with you even after a couple of hours.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Review

There’s a big button which is used to turn it on/off, it can also allow you to switch modes. Also, a + and – button to change the speed of the vibration. There are 5 modes, each which can have 9 different speeds, allowing for a huge amount of customization.

There is a charging LED, and a proprietary charging cable included. 3 hours of charge will give you around 1 full hour of vibration goodness.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Review

Hot Octopuss is breaking down barrier after barrier with their products and standing up for rights. These are a team of people that should be applauded for what they are doing.

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