HONOR Pad 8 Review

Featuring a premium design with a lightweight aluminium alloy body, the HONOR Pad 8 weighs just 520g and boasts a thickness of 6.9mm, allowing users to hold the tablet with one hand comfortably. With curved edges and an exquisite, frosted finish, the HONOR tablet delivers a smooth touch and a premium look and feel.

The HONOR Pad 8 boasts a 12-inch large eye-care FullView display, offering an industry-leading screen-to-body ratio of 87% and a truly immersive viewing experience for work and entertainment. It also supports a resolution of 2000×1200 pixels and 1 billion colours, delivering stunning clarity and true-to-life hues.

Offering an unrivalled audio experience, the all-HONOR Pad 8 features eight speakers placed symmetrically on both sides, bringing users stronger and more balanced sound effects. With Hi-Res Audio certification, users can enjoy superior and original sound reproduction.

HONOR Pad 8 Review

The HONOR Pad 8 comes with an extra-large 7250mAh battery, delivering a full day of uninterrupted use for maximum productivity. In addition, the HONOR tablet supports up to 10 hours of online video streaming, or 14 hours of local video playback, perfect for those who require an enhanced battery to fulfil their entertainment needs.

HONOR Pad 8 Review

Equipped with a powerful octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset, the HONOR Pad 8 has been built to deliver extended multimedia play and enhanced performance. Pad 8 comes with the latest HONOR Magic UI 6.1 based on android 12, offering a range of enhanced, customized features to provide a smart experience to users.

The HONOR PAD 8 tablet has the advantage that you can open floating windows next to the running applications, which makes it easier for you to open the Notepad application, and the strong distinction is that you can transfer any data from words, images and other items from the PDF and transfer it to your Notes in the Notepad application with the ability to Put it back on the PDF file as it is, which makes the transfer of data between applications more smooth and professional strengths and makes your experience more distinguished, which makes you give up the laptop because with this feature it gives you ease and distinction more powerful than any laptop!!!

HONOR Pad 8 Review

Do not forget the extent of professionalism and creativity that you will get from the Honor tablet experience in the Multi Tasking, where you can open more than one application at the same time, and you can open from opening more than one application with floating windows, which makes your multi-experience more distinct and truly professional With the distinctive Honor Tablet!

In our use of applications, we sometimes need to open two windows together from the same application, and this is an experience that is very difficult on the laptop and is not present on the phone… Here we see it very distinctive in the Honor tablet, where after running it you can open your application and when you open another window, it opens The two together, relying on the split-screen mode, to become a truly professional experience!

It has the best, smoothest, most stable and fast interface of Honor. It supports displaying your Honor phone on the tablet screen, making your experience more professional by easily dragging your files from phone to tablet, which makes you easily add them to your notes through Add it to the Notepad app to get an experience that includes your phone and tablet in one place!

Overall, the HONOR Pad 8 is the best entertainment tablet.

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