HONOR Band 6 Smart Watch Review

HONOR Band 6 Smart Watch



The HONOR Band 6 Smart Watch will bring you a brand-new experience, 1.47″ screen, long battery life, all-day heart rate monitoring, 10 exercise modes, to satisfy your sufficient life.

HONOR Band 6 Smart Watch Review

This has a 194 x 368 AMOLED screen, which means it’s incredibly sharp. But, when in direct sunlight I did find it difficult to read. When setting it up I was able to choose from a couple of different watch faces. The button on the side is a nice tactile option for selecting menu items, pausing music, or taking a photo.

My first issue is the strap, this isn’t easy to remove at all. You need to flip a tiny clip and then force the band out. I ended up having to get out my iFixit kit, which not everyone is gonna have to hand.

HONOR Band 6 Smart Watch Review

The bevvy of features is why I keep going back to the HONOR bands. It can track SpO2m stress and even suggest breathing exercises. Though I am sure we all know when we are stressed, having the watch tell me was quite a nice treat. It took me out of the moment and gave me time to relax. After the breathing exercises, you can then view your stress level.

I am also impressed with the sleep tracking. Though I would suggest enabling TruSleep to get the most out of it. This will break your sleep tracking into deep, light and REM. There are also some suggestions to get the best nights sleep.

Including sleep and stress tracking the HONOR Band 6 can track ten kinds of exercise: 

  • Outdoor Running
  • Indoor Running
  • Outdoor Walking
  • Outdoor Cycling7
  • Indoor Cycling
  • FreeStyle Workout
  • Indoor Swimming
  • Rowing Machine
  • Elliptical Machine
  • Indoor Walking

As I am on Android there is no GPS tracking, which means I will only really get calories burnt based on my heart rate and time. The GPS feature will only work on iPhones and HONOR/Huawei handsets. Though testing with our Huawei handset it worked great!

Another issue is that I’d like to customize the stats shown when I am out for a run, this doesn’t seem possible to do. Yes, you can swipe, but I’d rather look down and get the stats in one glance.

Battery life is great, with around two weeks of use. This can drop to around eleven days if you are using the GPS, TruSleep or monitor your heart rate all the time. The included charger gives you around three days of battery from a ten-minute charge.

Overall, unless the GPS issue is fixed I’d suggest Android users stay away from the HONOR Band 6 Smart Watch. If you have an iPhone, Huawei or HONOR device then this is a great accessory.

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