HONEYWELL Turbo Fan Review

The HONEYWELL Turbo Fan Has 3 Speeds & a 90 Degree Pivoting Head; This Quiet Fan Is Compact Enough for on a Table or Wall Mount & Powerful Enough to Help Provide Comfortable Cooling in Small Medium Rooms.

Don’t purchase this for being ‘quieter’ than other fans because it isn’t. Buy it because it’s a quality fan that performs the job well. The knob to turn the fan on and adjust the speed settings is a little awkwardly placed however it isn’t overly troublesome.

I purchased this to deal with the stuffiness in my room. I wanted a fan that was quiet because I am a very light sleeper while my better half could sleep through an earthquake! Let me say this: The fan is NOT quiet. Though the sound is a very subjective measure. What I can say is that you do become accustomed to it. This may take a few nights but I do sleep better with the fan on as it becomes synonymous with white noise.

HONEYWELL Turbo Fan Review

The first thing to know about fans is that they circulate the air in your room, and they cool you down by cooling the sweat on your body. They do not produce cold air but if you can’t fork out a few hundred quid for an actual A/C unit, this is your best bet.

This fan has 3 settings and on its most powerful (III) it produces very reasonable airflow considering its size. It is my opinion that this fan is perfect for the bedroom, office (not a desk fan) or study. The fan tilts from 0° to 90° and has various preset positions I’ve shown in the video (you can tell with the clicking noises). While the fan does not oscillate, I’ve personally found oscillating fans rather disruptive while sleeping.

Having owned numerous fans over the years, I can testify that this is possibly the BEST build quality in a fan that I’ve encountered. This fan could very well blow a pedestal fan over. Literally. The housing is made of durable thick plastic and would take considerable force to break.

Overall, the HONEYWELL Turbo Fan is a great addition to any warm home.

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