HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS Back Stretching Mat Review

HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS Back Stretching Mat



Stress-relieving, tension-reducing, and relaxation focused back stretching mat. Lay back and relax as the HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS Back Stretching Mat moves your body through a gentle yet powerful sequence of yoga-inspired stretches and twists. An effortless way to experience the relaxing benefits of yoga, STRETCH+ PLUS guides you through a range of 6 sequences, calming and gently encouraging your body to stretch and unwind from the comfort of your home.

HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS Back Stretching Mat Review

A selection of carefully choreographed treatments inspired by yoga and recreated through a system of air chambers. Each one is designed to inflate in sequence and stretch the body.

HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS Back Stretching Mat Review

With the simple foldaway design and a secure strapping system, the HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS makes for easy storage. The convenient carry handle is ideal for taking the Stretch with you from the home, to the office and on holiday for relaxation anytime, anywhere.

Stretch+ PLUS has 6 pre-programmed sequences to choose from, Twist, Flow, Energise, Stretch, Unwind and Recover. Customise the intensity for ultimate comfort and maximum relaxation.

Easy to use, remote control with adjustable intensity. An easily integrated control to work your way through a relaxing programme of treatments. Pause, play and customise the intensity of every stretch. You can remove the cover of the Stretch Mat and simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or wash it by hand to keep it clean and fresh.

Try to mindfully scan each part of your body during the treatment, and wherever you sense tension, consciously release that tension by allowing your body to become heavier and softer. The motion created by STRETCH+ PLUS will move your body without you needing to exert any effort. In fact, the more you relax, the greater the benefits will be.

I’m amazed by just how much it inflates and that’s helped so much with countering sitting at a desk all day and really helps with a previous back injury.

I move and adjust on it a bit as I try to find the best spot, normally with my head on the edge of the main bit, so the pillow in the cover helps to make that more comfortable.

Overall, the HoMedics STRETCH+ PLUS Back Stretching Mat is great if you suffer back aches and need a good stretch.

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