HIFIMAN RE400 Waterline In-Ear Earphones Review

HIFIMAN RE400 Waterline In-Ear Earphones



With the HIFIMAN RE400 Waterline In-Ear Earphones enjoy the clear and solid mid-high with clarity, nuances and abundant details. Refined bass performance is easy to listen to and non-fatiguing. Perfect for most music genres from classical to pop/vocal.

HIFIMAN RE400 Waterline In-Ear Earphones Review

Inside, you get a broad collection of ear tips, single and double-flanged as well as clear flexible tips. You also get a pair of utterly colossal double flanged tips, which must have been made for the BFG. Also, there’s a carry case, which is suitable for keeping any pair of earphones safe while not in use.

HIFIMAN RE400 Waterline In-Ear Earphones Specs:

  • Frequency Response : 15~22 KHZ
  • Sensitivity : 102dB
  • Impedance : 32 Ohms
  • Cable Length : 1.33m
  • Plug : 3.5mm

The earphones themselves are sleek and have a brushed metal design. I did have a slight concern with the plastic cabling, as it felt slightly cheap. This doesn’t seem to have affected the overall wear of them though. The cables 4 ft, which is just about perfect for me.

The 3.5mm connector is right-angled but is very sturdy to prevent any damage during movement. I did hope that the rest of the cable and connectors were as well constructed. The fit was helped by the wide selection of ear tips, so I was able to find the best fit that kept the sound in.

Due to the small earpieces and vented driver sound isolation wasn’t that good. They didn’t always stop loud external noises from interfering with the music during my daily commute on the bus. However, I did get much better results when using Comply foams and found them much more usable with the foam tips.

In terms of sound, the RE400 are much more balanced than some of the other earphones I have tried at this price point. The bass is accurate, it’s certainly not enhanced or bloated. Though for fans of electric music, may find the bass lacking.

The midrange is where the RE400 shined for me. Vocals, in particular, sounded very forward and centre stage in comparison to many other headphones I have tried. The treble response of the RE400 for me was rather laid back in comparison to the rest of the sound.

Overall, I liked the HIFIMAN RE400 Waterline In-Ear Earphones. Though the built quality wasn’t that good, the sound they produced more then makes up for it. Thanks for reading! Have you got any questions? Drop them in the comments below, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Finally, check out our other Audio reviews.

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