Hidizs AP80 Review

Hidizs AP80



The Hidizs AP80 is making a stand against Spotify and streaming music in general. The AP80 is a high-res audio MP3 player, featuring aptX and FLAC with a colour touchscreen.

Hidizs AP80 Review

The AP80 has all the right specs, it’s small, light features a bright colour screen and has an almost industrial design to it. The front and back are both glass, with nice chunky controls on the side. The other side is where you’d find the microSD card slot, as this player has no internal storage at all. The bottom has the 3.5mm jack and USB-C port. The player comes HiBy OS, which is controlled through a 2.45″ touchscreen.

Hidizs AP80 Specs:

SystemHiby 3.0 Linux Version
Step CountYes
Formats Support32-bit/348 kHz
DSD SupportDSD 64/128
Screen Size2.45 Inch Touch 
Screen 480×360

Size58x49x13.5 mm
Headphone Jack3.5mm
Extendable StorageMAX 1TB
Battery Capacity800mAh
Fast ChargeUSB Type-C

There are gestures included with the OS, so the controls on the side don’t even need to be used all that much.

The AP80 uses the Sabre ES9218P DAC. I have tested the AP80 with the RHA T20 High-Res earphones and some FLAC files. The music is out of this world, its a completely new dimension. Vocals are crisp and clear, with guitars and bass is easy to distinguish between. Mids and highs have amazing clarity and the bass is enough to pack a punch but not distort.

It pays to use a good pair of headphones with this player. As I mentioned I’m using the RHA T20, which are a great companion to the AP80. They block out any external sound and just let the music flow. There is are EQ settings on the player, which allow you to tweak the sound to your preference.

Hidizs AP80 Review

There is the option to use Bluetooth headphones along with aptX. But this won’t produce the same level of audio, but it’s a nice addition to have.

There is a DAC out mode available on this player. This means you can plug it into your PC and it will work as a DAC for PC audio. This is great, especially if you have a decent set of speakers.

The 800mAh battery in the AP80 should last you around 35 days of standby time. I tend to use it for around 2 hours a day, once in the morning and once on the way back. I haven’t had to charge the player yet and it’s been around 2 weeks. This excellent battery usage is partly down to the auto-shutdown function built into the player. So when not in use the player will shut down to conserve battery. Charging is easy peasy with it taking around an hour to fully charge from 0.

If you are a connoisseur of music, this is the best thing for you to own. You can store up to 1TB of FLAC music on it. Finally, remember to check out our other audio reviews. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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