HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones Review

HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones



The HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones come with 3 easy to click buttons, which means you can easily play/pause the music, skip to the previous or next track, volume+-, phone calls, wake up Siri or Google assistant, etc. Thanks to the 8h battery you can enjoy your audio all day long, the magnetic fast charge can quickly top up the headphones when needed. Finally, the skin-friendly silicone provides an extra layer of comfort during workout

I had the opportunity to try out these headphones for a week. The pairing is very simple thanks to Bluetooth 5.2, and that worked for me without any problems. The thing that makes a good set of headphones is probably primarily the sound. And my expectations were not particularly high, but boy was I wrong! These pumped out the stunning premium stereo sound. There is a slight lack of bass, but that is to be expected.

HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones Review

Next is how they handle exercise. And I’m happy to say these are fantastic. the lightweight ergonomic design makes them only 28g, so are incredibly light. They are IP67 dust and water-resistant, so can handle a sweaty walk. Also, I am falling in love with this bone conduction technology. Thanks to the open-ear design, I am fully aware of my surroundings when on a walk. They don’t go through the eardrum, so end up protecting my hearing. This also keeps them clean and anti-bacterial.

HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones Review

The open-ear design is great for when you are running, cycling, and even working in the office. It allows you to be aware of your surroundings, whilst still being able to listen to a podcast or some music. I found this helpful when out walking, as I was able to hear the traffic and cars passing by when crossing the road. It was also a massive benefit when saying morning to people, as I could hear them. I’m able to walk into shops, and not have to pause my music, as I can hear everything that is happening around me.

You can cause a lot of issues when using in-ear earphones, such as volume control and damage. So the fact these don’t pass through the eardrum means that you are protecting your hearing. I can still enjoy music at a high volume, while not having to worry about permanent damage to my hearing.

The fact these don’t enter the ear canal also makes them great for sharing. You don’t have to worry about ear wax, or any other muck, as they are on the outside of your face. This means I can take them off and offer them to someone else, without the embarrassment of having the clean them.

Waterproof level, many similar bone conduction competitors on the market usually only have IP65, but Haylou PurFree has better waterproof and dustproof effects. Even in the case of profuse sweating, there is no need to worry about the headphones getting wet. It would be better if you show a workout picture.

HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones Review

For its price, compared to other similar competing products, PurFree offers the same quality but at a more affordable price. People who like outdoor sports can also enjoy a pair of professional bone conduction headphones at an affordable price. This is really the biggest plus point of these headphones.

Even the big brands, the issue of sound leakage can’t be 100% avoided. the HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones adopted specialized vibration reduction technology that can suppress sound leakage for full sound details. It delivers a more comfortable balanced sound with an application of a 17mm sealed bone conduction vibrator. Simultaneously, it also down 30% of vibration amplitude and prevents up to 90% of sound leakage. This is the advanced feature that Haylou PurFree comes with.

The controls on the right earphone can play/pause the music, skip to the previous or next track, volume+-, phone calls, wake up Siri or Google assistant, etc. The pairing mode is also activated via these buttons.

The HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones are their first sele-developed bone conduction headphone and it has won the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award and IAI Global Best Design Award for its unique design aesthetics and leading innovative technology.

Overall, I am blown away by the HAYLOU PurFree Bone Conduction Headphones. The sound leakage is zero, whilst allowing outside noise in.

Haylou Official website: https://www.haylou.com/

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