Harry Potter PowerSquad Powerbank Review

Harry Potter PowerSquad Powerbank



With this Harry Potter PowerSquad Powerbank, you can be a wizard too! Boasting a 2500mAh battery pack, so you’ll be set to go on many adventures and save the wizarding world from evil.

Harry Potter PowerSquad Powerbank Review

Harry Potter PowerSquad Powerbank Specs:

  • 2500mAh capacity Powerbank
  • Charges most Smartphones fully from flat
  • Includes Powerbank charging cable
  • Requires device charging cable for use
  • Multiple designs available

The powerbank arrived quickly and is larger than I thought it would be. This is to be expected thanks to this 2500mAh battery size. The Harry Potter design is very bright and reminds me of Funko figures.

The powerbank charged very quickly and has a handy blue indicator on top to let you know how full the battery is. Mine has been slowly fading USB led lights for several hours on the back of my guitar and the indicator still has 75% battery life. There is a button on the side, if you press it, you get a display of the battery life left inside.

The unit is not as light as the previous ones I purchased but it has a bigger battery so more power, more power means bigger batteries means more weight. So overall I am happy with it, especially for what I want to use it for.

The unit looks extremely durable, it does, much better than the ones that did not work. I have purchased many many powerbanks for years and this is up there with the most durable ones I have purchased. 

Overall, I’m very happy with the Harry Potter PowerSquad Powerbank.

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