Hang Line: Mountain Climber Review

Hang Line: Mountain Climber, the extreme physics action climber from Epic Games and LucasArts veteran Ed Kay and Crossy Road, Ski Safari and Rodeo Stampede publisher Yodo1. Use a grappling hook to navigate treacherous terrain in more than 50 stages and four infinite climber modes. All across five deadly mountain environments.

Hang Line: Mountain Climber  App Review

This a great game to just pick up a have a quick go with. You are in mountain rescue, and each level starts with you being dropped off by helicopter. You then have to use your zipline to zip to pieces of ice and snow.

The first level shows where to click and gives you a really good taste of how to move around each level. After a couple of goes, I was able to shoot myself a lot higher, using the in-game physics to my benefit.

Hang Line: Mountain Climber  App Review

Further, into the game you get gadgets which can help navigate you to people or treasures, protect you from falling rocks and punch mountain goats. Overall these add to the way to look at a level, do you use the radar to find people or the shield to protect you from the goat’s kicks.

There are missions which give you coins if you achieve them, such as ziplining off a goat or using the falling ice to climb up. The gold is then used to get gadgets and to unlock further levels in the game. This does bring us to the IAP, which are there to buy gadgets and gold to make the game easier, but I haven’t had to use it.

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The game utilises my favourite feature, voluntary ads. You start a level and asked do you want to buy a gadget, or watch an ad to get a gadget for free. I will always choose ad over entering my card details. More apps and games should use these options, as most people will watch a 30-second ad. This means that I can save my gold for progressing through the game while watching an ad to use a gadget.

This game is just a fun game to play, it’s easy to pick up the physics are awesome and allow for creative solutions to problems. Finally its free, go grab it now. Finally, don’t forget to check out our other gaming reviews.

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yodo1.hanglinerescue&hl=en_US

iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hang-line-mountain-climber/id1372005090?mt=8

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