Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed Review

Gtech MYO Touch



Our bodies’ aches and issues are often symptoms of our busy lives – emotions can manifest as physical problems, from tense shoulders to tired lower back muscles. The Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed is an at-home massager. It’s designed to help you relax and unwind, easing your mind as well as your body. Enjoy a massage every day and make time for yourself a priority with the MYO Touch. 

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed Review

This arrived in a huge box and took me and my brother to carry it from the PO box back home.

This is one where you should read the instructions. I made the mistake of setting it up away from a plug, you should plug in the cable first so you know how far away to set up the bed. Though all in took about 20 mins to unpack and set up.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed Review

The bed itself is a camping cot, with a nest section on the end for your feet. The track is set up underneath, and the roller goes up and down the track. The roller can be adjusted in height, as a lighter person may not feel the roller.

The Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed contained:

  • The MYO Touch Bed
  • The Track from the roller to move on
  • Pegs to pinpoint where you want the roller to stop
  • The Roller
  • Power cables etc
  • Instructions

The roller pushes up through the material, goes up and down the track slowly. The bed so comfy we use it as a spare bed. The pegs are used if you wanted the roller to just go up to your back. You would place the peg into the middle of the track and then it hits the peg and goes the other way. It’s a simple solution, as opposed to building in a controller for the direction.

The roller has bumps and dips in it, and these get into the muscle. After a day at work, this is a great way to unwind. The issue is if you live in a small flat like us, you have to pack it up each time, which may undo the relaxing state the bed put you in.

Gtech MYO Touch Massaging Bed Review

Also, I found out that the unit has an auto shut off, after 15 mins. I found this out as I fell asleep whilst using it.

Overall I would say if you have a big house, the Gtech Myo Touch, would be perfect. Finally, check out our other lifestyle reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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