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Gtech have become a big name in vacuum cleaner technology in recent years, and I was excited by the launch of the HyLite as it is designed with modern improvements in mind. Since getting the HyLite I have been obsessed with it and have been telling everyone I know how much they need this vacuum in their life.

Gtech HyLite Vacuum Cleaner

The HyLite is ideal for my small one-bed flat. I have a Henry which is a brilliant vacuum cleaner but takes up so much of my precious floor space. Gtech have created a mini-sized but still powerful vacuum cleaner that folds down to a compact size, therefore taking up far less space. It helps that the classic Gtech brand colours are attractive, with the grey and green looking nice without being tacky or sickly.

A big feature of the HyLite is that it is a bagged cleaner. Unlike most on the market that gather dust into a chamber, which I have always found messy to clear out, this vacuum collects the dirt into a bag only 1cm off the floor. Having a bag means there’s no separate filter to clean or replace. The benefit of the short airpath from floor to bag with no long tubes and hoses is an enhanced clean, and it also helps to make the most of the available bag space. The dust is compressed by the high-pressure air being sucked up into the bag. The bag I put in when I started using this vacuum is still not full so my concerns about wasting bags and having to pay for expensive replacements constantly were unfounded. Gtech advise that a pack of 15 bags (£12.99) will last over a year.

Gtech HyLite Vacuum Cleaner Specs

  • Battery model 165A0005
  • Battery 14.4V 2000mAh Li-Ion
  • Charging period 2 hours
  • Battery charger output 17.3V DC 1.0A
  • Weight 1.5KG
Gtech HyLite Vacuum Cleaner

I love that this is a small and light vacuum. The handle retracts and is extended with a push of the button that makes the handle swoosh out with a pleasing movements. The power button is on top of the vacuum cleaner head and you can easily tap this off and on with your toe. With a low-profile head the HyLite is flexible and gets into corners and under raised furniture without a problem. I did find that the head wasn’t the easiest to steer around as the hinge has restricted movement, rather than being a wheel or ball. LED lights on the HyLite allow you to see the area in front of you clearly, which has helped me avoid picking up anything too big or precious before it’s too late.

Gtech HyLite Vacuum Cleaner

The HyLite retractable handle allows for easy cleaning of other areas where you need a hand-held vacuum, as does the lightweight design. With a 14.4V Lithium-ion battery, you will be using over 8 time less mains power than most corded vacuum cleaners. I like that this product has been designed to be smaller and smarter with power usage in mind. The other benefit of a smaller design is that this vacuum cleaner can be made small enough to keep in a storage bag, which is great if you are tight on space like me.

You can find out more about the Gtech HyLite on their website.

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