GSP 370 SENNHEISER Wireless Gaming Headset Review

GSP 370 SENNHEISER Wireless Gaming Headset



With up to 100 hours of battery life, the GSP 370 SENNHEISER Wireless Gaming Headset is perfect for everyone who values both audiophile sound and wireless freedom. The USB dongle establishes a wireless, low-latency connection to ensure a reliable transmission with near-zero delay, making this wireless gaming headset ideal for gaming on PC and PlayStation® 4. 

GSP 370 SENNHEISER Wireless Gaming Headset Review

The look of the GSP 370 is muted. There are no lights, or logos flashing at you. They have a sleek industrial grey look, with white highlights made by the logos. The headband is plastic, so no need to worry about having this thing on all day. Underneath its padded, and has a breathable material surrounding it.

GSP 370 SENNHEISER Wireless Gaming Headset Specs:

  • Talk time – 100 hours
  • Charge time – 1 hours
  • Operating Temperature Range – 0 C – 40 C
  • Range (line of sight) – 10 meters
  • Range (office use) – 10 meters

The padding carries over to the earpads, which are covered in a leather-like material. I did find the shape a bit tight for my ears, this is linked to the oval design though.

The right earcup has a huge volume dial, which I loved. This thing is big, chunky and very difficult to miss. The right earcup features the mic, micro-USB charging port and power button. The mic can be muted by flicking it back up, but there are no other controls.

These are wireless, but not Bluetooth. There is a USB adapter, which is blank except for the Sennheiser logo. The battery on the headset will last around 100 hours, so these are truly “wireless”.

This can work with PC, MAC and PS4, but the fun comes with the PC. You can use the Gaming Suite Software to play with the headset. Things like balance, equaliser, and noise cancellation can all be played with. I liked the mic settings, as I was able to block out a lot of the noise in the room when on calls.

GSP 370 SENNHEISER Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Bass is acceptable, with little to no distortion on high volume. Songs sound rounded and clear, with instruments being easily distinguishable. If you want the EQ settings on the software can be tweaked. Gaming with these is great. Especially with games like Doom Etheral or COD Warzone. Shots come from all around and make you feel like you are there. 

Overall, the GSP 370 SENNHEISER Wireless Gaming Headset is great. Gaming immersion is brilliant, with sounds and shots being loud and clear. Music is rounded, with deep bass.

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