GRID Autosport Nintendo Switch Review

GRID Autosport Nintendo Switch



GRID Autosport on Nintendo Switch. Step into a career as a pro-racer, mastering the world’s fastest cars to win motorsport’s most exciting races, from the hallowed asphalt of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the narrow city streets of Barcelona.

GRID Autosport – Release Date Trailer – Nintendo Switch

GRID offers a tone of different game modes, out of the 5 initial modes, they then branch off with their options. There is a wealth of content here to explore. Modes like Endurance make your tires wear down and losing control. This kind of attention to detail is great to see.

Each mode you play will generate XP, this XP will unlock more modes and levels to play. This means that there is a reason to grind on some levels as you will want to progress through the game. The game was easy to pick up, especially the controls. You can edit them if needed, or even use gyro controls which I don’t like. HD rumble is used well when in handheld mode.

GRID Autosport Nintendo Switch Review

GRID makes it super easy to pick, little enhancements like virtual lines to show you where to go and how to do the best drift. The lines even change colour to indicate a corner or to brake. There is a “time travel” mechanic allowing you to reverse time if you crash. This means if you make a silly mistake, you can rectify it and get back to the race.

There is a bevvy of cars to pick from going all the way up to hypercars, which is a term I have never heard of. Though, as you’d expect you can’t drive a hypercar against normal slower cars. So each car has a select group of races it can be used in.

This game looks good to be on the Switch. Details are easy to pick out, there are no artefacts. The developers even added the announcer saying your name which is a nice feeling.

GRID Autosport Nintendo Switch Review

GRID is one of the best looking racing games on the Switch. Beaten only by Mario Kart due to the addition of multiplayer and local couch playing. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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