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Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker



The Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker is designed with a dual-speaker system that features a passive bass radiator, giving you powerful all-around sound. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0, 15 hours of battery life, True Wireless Stereo capabilities, and RGB lighting – it looks and sounds terrific.

The Mars Pro comes in a sturdy design ensured to remain stable, and it’s also equipped to absorb minor shocks. The main body is made from a high-quality Zinc Alloy sphere that lets sound waves resonate all around you, and looks insanely cool as well. Specially made for audiophiles, the Mars Pro boasts Gravastar’s built-in DSP Audio Algorithms which are developed to deliver a heart-pounding bass sound, accurate mids and crisp highs, all combined with an equal-loudness contour. You’ll hear every single sound there is to hear thanks to its perfect balance of sound.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

Finding the right amount of volume to enjoy your music to is all the more easier thanks to the Mars Pro’s Touch-sensitive Volume Controls. They even have LEDs for that groovy feel.

There’s a considerable amount of RGB on the shell and the legs. So once you turn the speaker on it looks even better. There is a Bluetooth and a battery level indicator on each side of the speaker. Along the top are all the relevant controls.

The weight of the speaker is made up of metal and the massive 2,5″, 20W full-range speaker with a 1″ high-frequency tweeter. This means the Mars Pro has an amazingly high-quality sound that is rich and loud.

I found the sound to be a bit bass-heavy, even in songs where there isn’t that much bass. I have no doubt people will enjoy the sound this thing produces, but it may find more fans in the bass crowd. The sound will always be crisp if it’s spotify, gaming, or watching The Batman.

Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker Review

Connectivity-wise, Mars Pro uses Bluetooth 5.0, pairs with devices near-instantly, and suffers little to no delay in its effective range. The battery can go for 15 hours, give or take, depending on multiple factors such as the volume and RGB.

Overall, the Gravastar Mars Pro Bluetooth Speaker is a great desk speaker.


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