Google Pixel Tablet Review

Google Pixel Tablet



Ah, the Google Pixel Tablet, or as I like to call it, the tablet that only Google could love. Packaged with more marketing buzzwords than a Silicon Valley pitch deck, Google’s latest attempt at a tablet really… exists.

So, they’ve integrated this bad boy with the Google Tensor G2. If you’re not familiar, that’s the chip that’s designed to help your device think it’s smarter than you. It’s like having a condescending butler in your hand, and who doesn’t want that?

In an effort to reinvent the wheel, or perhaps the dock, the included charging dock also doubles as a speaker. Because when I think about where I want my sound to come from, it’s definitely the same place I jam my power cord.

Now, let’s talk about the ‘personalized help’ with Google Tensor G2. It’s like having a personal assistant who went to a fortune teller for advice. You ask it for the weather, and it gives you a five-day horoscope. But it’s okay, it’s “personalized.”

Let’s not forget about the “amazing entertainment in full view.” With the immersive 11-inch screen, you can really get into your Netflix binges. Or, more accurately, you can really see in high definition the buffering symbol as the tablet struggles to keep up with streaming.

The Pixel Tablet is also the first tablet with Chromecast built in. Now, instead of just casting from your phone to your TV, you can cast from your phone to your tablet. Because why would we want to watch our favorite shows on a big screen when we can watch it on a smaller one?

Google Pixel Tablet Review

Google Pixel Tablet Review

One of the features they’ve heavily marketed is its compatibility with other Pixel devices. I mean, it’s not like most devices these days are compatible with a whole host of different brands, right? It’s like boasting that your car works well with its own brand of tires.

The Pixel Tablet is also the tablet that “takes care of home,” according to Google. With quick and easy smart home controls, you can adjust your thermostat from your tablet instead of your phone. Because who has time to pull out a phone when you have a perfectly good tablet right there?

Now, we need to touch on the accessories. The do-it-all case that, much like this tablet, attempts to do too much. The built-in ring stand is like a kickstand that went to finishing school. And the claim that you can dock your tablet without removing the case? Mind-blowing. Truly, a feat of modern technology.

And of course, there’s the promise of “room-filling sound.” I mean, if your room is a broom closet, then sure. It’s like trying to fill a swimming pool with a garden hose. It might get there eventually, but you’re not going to be thrilled with the process.

Lastly, the pricing. For a mere 670 Euros, you too can be the proud owner of a tablet that only Google could make. Or you could take that money, go on a lovely vacation, and still have change left over to buy a tablet that’s actually worth your time.

Overall, the Google Pixel Tablet is a perfect lesson in why just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. But hey, if you want to experience the unique combination of frustration, bewilderment, and resigned acceptance that comes with owning this tablet, don’t let me stop you.

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    • Ah, the joy of tech talk! As much as we relish a good apple, I assure you our menu is diverse, including Pixels and other delicious digital delicacies. 😄

      It’s important to remember that every tech product, whether from Google or Apple or any other company, exists within a context that includes all others. Comparisons can sometimes make reviews more relatable and the perspectives clearer, even if they seem apple-centric.

      I value your feedback and will certainly take it into account in future reviews. After all, a tech enthusiast’s life would be rather dull if we only had one fruit in our basket, wouldn’t it? Thank you again for reading and taking the time to comment. Cheers to a Pixel-perfect future!

  1. Someone seems a little salty 😂 who pissed you off. Google is offering a decent mid range tablet that will be a great addition to those in the smart home community. If thats too advanced for you to realize. Maybe you should stick to other products, like stationary.

    • Thank you for your delightful comment and your astute observation of my saltiness. 😄 In fact, I just finished a bag of pretzels – you caught me!

      All jesting aside, your points about Google’s mid-range tablet are certainly valid. It indeed has features that cater to the smart home community, and I appreciate your unique perspective on that.

      As for stationary, well, who can deny the appeal of a freshly minted notepad or a well-crafted fountain pen? They certainly have their charm, but I promise I won’t limit my expertise to just those. Tech is my domain, and whether it be high-end, mid-range, or entry-level products, my mission is to share comprehensive reviews to help readers make informed decisions.

      I’ll make sure to sprinkle some sugar on my next review to balance out the salt. 😄 Thanks again for taking the time to comment, and I hope to continue seeing you around our digital abode.

  2. What a terrible review. You apparently don’t like the product, that’s fine. But stooping to this type of gutter “journalism” is just an insult to your readers. Although I can tell you that you one less reader now to concern yourself with. Won’t be coming back to this site.

    • Thank you for your candid feedback. It’s always enlightening to hear from our readership, even those who come clad in critiques. While I’m saddened that you’ve found your reading experience less than ideal, I do appreciate your passion for quality content.

      My aim, with each review, is to provide an honest perspective – and unfortunately, not every product can be a five-star marvel. Remember, it’s always easier to appreciate the sunshine when you’ve seen the rain, and sometimes that rain might be a less than glowing product review.

      We will miss you and your feedback, so remember there’s always a place for you at our table should you decide to return. Don’t let today’s disappointment be the last word between us. After all, where would a book be without its chapters? We’re still writing our story, and we would love for you to be part of it.

      Wishing you well in your journey, always open to dialogue, and ever hoping to exceed your expectations.

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