GKD 350H Retro Handheld Review

GKD 350H Retro Handheld



The GKD 350H Retro Handheld is another retro games console with high performance, and low power consumption. The increase in speed and performance is let down by the poor build quality.

The GKD 350H comes with a 1.5GHZ MIPS CPU with 128MB DDR2 RAM a 2,300 MAH battery and a 32GB Internal SD Card. Throw this in with the screen and it’s a great combo for gaming on. The specs feel slightly out dated by newer models though.

GKD 350H Retro Handheld Review

On the front is a 3.5 inch IPS screen; 320×240 resolution; 4:3 aspect ratio, 60hz refresh rate with sync, no tearing. There are only two shoulder buttons, a D-pad, thumbstick and 4 buttons. I was a little let down by the lack of additional shoulder buttons.

The handheld console measures just 150 mm x 75 mm x 20 mm and weighing 155 grams allowing for easy carrying around. It is powered by a Li-Ion BL-5B 2300mAh Built-in battery. This is fine for carrying in the pocket, but feels a bit too “square” compared to the Pocket Go V2.

The GKD 350H uses OpenDingux, comes with a wide variety of emulators. It can also be plugged in to allow for additional emulators to be added. I added the N64 alpha as a test and it sort of works. Some of the emulators are out of date, but a simple search will show up the latest versions.

Emulation is perfect for the average gamer. Older emulators play a lot better then the newer ones. Things like the PS1 play ok, with noticeable frame drops. While the older emulators like Gameboy play fine with no frame drops. Each emulator has its own settings, so you can re-order buttons, access save states, change performance settings.

GKD 350H Retro Handheld:

  • Pokémon Yellow – Gameboy – This plays with no issues. No frame drops in the 3 hours I played.
  • Jax and Daxter – PS1 – This played well, until too many enemies were on the screen. There were multiple frame drops and performance stuttering.
  • Mario 64 – N64 Alpha – The whole game is slow and laggy, but you can see what the end product would look like.

Overall, the GKD 350H Retro is ok for what you get. The price is a little higher then the newer PocketGo V2, which has a lot more RAM and power. It also comes with 4 shoulder buttons and a nicer form factor. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. this is a direct copy and paste from the bittboy pocket go v2 review posted at https://jabbareviews.com/pocketgo-v2-portable-retro-handheld-review/ – like, no attempt was made whatsoever to hide it or change it slightly or anything. Even down to the unfunny, very awkward “pants” reference (or joke?) that had me staring at the screen wondering what it’s literary purpose was for a good 4-5 minutes. Pants! There goes another 5 minutes wasted posting this.

    • I am sorry you felt that way. It’s difficult when comparing two similar products. I think you may have experienced a caching issue, as I can’t see what “pants” reference you mean.

      I have taken the chance to update the review, adding specific games and emulators.

      I am sorry again for wasting your time.

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