Gioteck VX-4 Wired PS4 Controller Review

Gioteck VX-4 Wired PS4 Controller



The Gioteck VX-4 Wired Controller for PlayStation 4 is ergonomically designed for superb comfort during long gaming sessions. Featuring quick-fire triggers, precision D-Pad and anti-slip rubber thumb-sticks.

Gioteck VX-4 Wired PS4 Controller Review

The first thing I noticed about the VX-4, was that it was a tad small. It feels like a slimline version of the normal PS4 controller. This is OK for my wife and any children that use it. But for big hands, the controller can get a bit lost.

The grips are a bit longer on the VX-4, then with the normal controller. This reminds me of the original leaked controller when the PS4 was coming out. The button design is a bit odd, with a licencing issue (I assume) for the proper PS4 controller buttons.

The D-pad is a bit mushy and isn’t that responsive. This is OK for me, as I tend to not use it that much. When playing Farcry Primal, the d-pad was used a lot of the mushy texture got annoying.

The face buttons and triggers all had great response time. There wasn’t a lot of travel time for the buttons and they were easy to use. Playing Fortnite jumps were registered quickly and the triggers were quick to get shots off.

The thumb-sticks are raised a bit more than the PS4 controller, which is a nice touch. These are a lot more comfortable to use and movement is picked easily.

Gioteck VX-4 Wired PS4 Controller Review

Overall, for the price, the Gioteck VX-4 Wired PS4 Controller is a great addition to the controller cabinet. It’s light, compact and plays just as well as the PS4 controller.

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