Giles & Posner Tabletop Pizza Oven Review

Giles & Posner Tabletop Pizza Oven



If you’re a pizza aficionado like me, the aroma of a freshly baked pizza can elevate any gathering from mediocre to magical. No longer is that tantalising aroma confined to pizzerias, thanks to the Giles & Posner EK5666 Tabletop Pizza Oven. A compact powerhouse designed to bring authentic, stone-baked pizzas to your kitchen, this appliance promises restaurant-quality pies right from the comfort of your home. But does it deliver? Let’s find out.

Upon first glance, this 1200W Bella Pizza Maker looks like a beautiful miniature pizza oven, dressed in a vibrant red that is sure to catch eyes and enliven your kitchen decor. It’s compact enough to fit comfortably on a kitchen countertop, yet spacious enough to handle a 12-inch pizza.

The Giles & Posner Pizza Oven heats up incredibly fast. With its 1200W power, the oven preheats in just about 3 minutes—a fantastic feature for those of us who lack the patience to wait around. The removable 12-inch pizza stone ensures an even cook and can be easily cleaned, making maintenance a breeze.

Giles & Posner Tabletop Pizza Oven Review

This tabletop oven offers an impressive range of 5 heat settings, allowing you to tailor your cooking experience for that perfect crust—whether you like it crispy or soft. The flexibility is impressive, especially for a machine of this size and price range.

The 12-inch removable pizza stone is where the magic happens. It mimics the heat distribution of wood-fired ovens to deliver that stone-baked, authentic flavour. The stone heats evenly, ensuring a uniformly cooked pizza base without any hot or cold spots. Additionally, the stone is easy to remove, allowing for hassle-free cleaning.

Giles & Posner Tabletop Pizza Oven Review

The oven includes two pizza paddles and a pizza cutter wheel, enabling you to handle and serve your creations with ease. The paddles make for smooth navigation, helping you slide the pizza onto the stone and remove it once done, without any awkward angling or damaging the crust.

While the oven comes with a few recipes, the real fun begins when you get creative with toppings and sauces. Whether it’s a traditional Margherita or a spicy pepperoni, you have the freedom to experiment and find that perfect blend of flavours.

Giles & Posner Tabletop Pizza Oven Review

The Giles & Posner Pizza Oven isn’t just for pizzas; the stone works well for other foods too. Want to bake some fresh bread or calzones? Go ahead. The heat settings and even cooking offer versatility beyond your regular Friday night pizza.

The entire process from preheating to serving is smooth and efficient. The paddles and cutter add an extra layer of convenience, making it easier to handle the pizza without fuss. However, do note that this is an indoor unit. You won’t get the smoky aroma of a wood-fired oven, but it gets pretty close in taste.

When it comes to at-home pizza making, the Giles & Posner Tabletop Pizza Oven ticks nearly all the boxes. It heats up fast, cooks evenly, and delivers on flavour. Plus, it comes with all the accessories you’d need for an at-home pizzeria experience. While it may not replicate the smoky, wood-fired aroma, it offers a tasty and authentic alternative.

A score of 9 out of 10 feels apt for this appliance. It misses the full mark only due to the absence of that wood-fired essence, but if you can look past that, you’ve got yourself an impressive pizza-making ally for your kitchen.

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