Giles & Posner Mini Waffle Iron/Waffle Maker Review

Giles & Posner Mini Waffle Iron/Waffle Maker



With the Giles & Posner Mini Waffle Iron/Waffle Maker you can get creative with sweet, savoury and Vegan treats; create fruit and chocolate waffles, ice cream waffle sandwiches and breakfast stacks. Top with ice cream, syrup, fruit or even fried chicken for a classic American treat.

With a 4” nonstick cooking surface, this is a MUST-HAVE for that first apartment, smaller kitchen, college dorm, or camper/RV and stores easily in a kitchen cabinet or drawer. It’s also great for child portion sizes, as they are a lot smaller and thinner, making for a nice treat.

Giles & Posner Mini Waffle Iron/Waffle Maker Review

With 550 watts it cooks quickly & evenly, simply plugs it in and go; the Waffle Maker heats up in minutes. When the red light turns off, you’re ready to go. Dual non-stick surfaces provide an even cook for consistent results and delicious golden waffles every time. Non-stick surfaces make cleanup a snap! Though I would recommend still giving it a little spray of butter to help ease it out.

The perfect wedding or new home gift. Its sleek design and trendy colour will match any kitchen decor. Compact and lightweight design, weighing just over 1 pound, its small size, occupying a small counter space, to meet the needs of travel and other occasions.

There was no real need for a recipe book, as we just made a standard pancake recipe and filled this guy up. It made a perfect waffle in around 5 mins or so.

Overall, the Giles & Posner Mini Waffle Iron/Waffle Maker is a fantastic little kitchen gadget to have around.

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