Ghost Grab 3000 Nintendo Switch Review

Ghost Grab 3000 Nintendo Switch



Ghost Grab 3000 on Nintendo Switch is a challenging arcade score-attack game with a unique mechanic. THE GRAPPLE BEAM. Chain together ghosts with your energy beam, then destroy them all at once to earn points. The longer your chain, the bigger your score multiplier. Destroy endless waves of increasing difficulty, navigate a frantic phantom bullet hell, and unlock ‘Robot Mods’ to help you climb the leaderboards. Each session lasts just a few minutes! It’s perfect to kill some time (and ghosts) during a lunch break or to compete with friends!

Ghost Grab 3000 Nintendo Switch Review

You play as a tiny robot with a grabble beam attack, to take out ghosts and enemies. The idea is to link enemies to the grabble beam in one go, the more enemies in the beam, the higher the chain combo.

As you progress through the stages, it becomes harder to avoid enemies and enemy fire. So you need to keep moving around in order to build up that combo. You do have perks and special attacks including a grenade that’ll kill all the enemies on the screen.

Mods can be acquired in order to buff up your character. Things like speed and battery life will help you progress a bit easier through the stages.

Ghost Grab 3000 Nintendo Switch Review

The graphics are bright, but the backgrounds are a bit bland. The soundtrack is very loud and retro arcade sounding. Enemies are easy to point out and even when it got busy on the screen I could see my character clearly.

Overall, Ghost Grab 3000 on Nintendo Switch is a nice cheap fun game to play. Finally, check out Jabba Reviews. Also, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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