Geomag – Mechanics Challenge Strike Review

Geomag - Mechanics Challenge Strike



Combine learning about the amazing world of magnets and mechanical construction with a super fun game in the Geomag – Mechanics Challenge Strike! Build the construction first, and then be ready for hours of fun either alone or in competition with others, where precision, timing and dexterity are the keys to victory. With as many as 185 individual parts, both the construction itself and the subsequent gaming experience are challenging and educational for everyone involved. For 1-4 players. From 7 years.

I got this for my daughter who has just turned 7 and has always loved playing with magnets. She already has a few magnetic toys and when I saw this, I thought she would really like it as she really loves playing with such toys. This brings in the STEM learning aspect as well so will also help to sharpen her mind in these fields.

Geomag – Mechanics Challenge Strike Review

Geomag - Mechanics Challenge Strike Review

The goal of the game is to build your own set to get the gravity motor running and then try to score the highest points by knocking down pins. You can play up to 4 players challenging themselves to make goals in turn. I really like this mode because kids can build their own game together and then challenge each other.

The satisfaction of having built something together before playing with it is really great and helps to keep the kids engaged and improve their creative skills as well.

The construction set included magnetic parts which help to make different shapes and also mechanical ones that allow rotations or chain effects that were really new for the kids. They were really excited to learn the different ways in which to use these.

The parts are excellent and durable over time as they are made from high-quality materials.

Overall, Geomag – Mechanics Challenge Strike is a really great toy to stimulate the creative side of the child’s mind. It is a bit expensive in my opinion which is why I have taken off 1 star but I would highly recommend it if you can afford it.

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