GamLokR Controller Grips Review

GamLokR Controller Grips



GamLokR Controller Grips stick on controller grips (also known as controller skins) for PlayStation 4 controllers is the best controller mod you can make. GamLokR controller grips provide the perfect grip on your controller resulting in precise actions, greater comfort, less fatigue, and increased confidence under pressure. Say goodbye to slippery controllers and hand fatigue from holding your PS4 controller. You can install the grips in minutes, it’s as easy as Clean, Stick, Play. Most players can expect to get 2-4 years out of their GamLokR grip. If you need to remove the grip it will come off cleanly.

GamLokR Controller Grips Review

The look of the GamLokR is pretty cool, its textured black and makes the controller a lot easier to grip. It comes in one piece and flat in an envelope. The application is easy and covers a majority of the controller. You line it up with the serial code on the back, once lined up you can slowly apply it to the rest of the controller. I would recommend watching the installation video first.

The grip adds a splash of texture to the PS4 controller and I think makes the controller looks better. Once installed I tried a Ghost of Tsushima session for 5-6 hours, and my hands felt better after. They didn’t sweat as much, and the controller felt overall more comfortable.

GamLokR Controller Grips Review

There are options for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. The Switch grips are very easy to install and I think should come with the Switch by default.

Overall, the GamLokR Controller Grips are a definite plus for any console gamer.

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