GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller Review

GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller



GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller Review – With the advent of mobile gaming & cloud gaming, many mobile gamers are looking for more accessible mobile accessories for a pro-level mobile gaming experience, be they a physical controller or a phone cooler. However, due to the less ergonomic space for equipping phones, gamers always have to compromise with the left potentially annoying problem after suffering from decidophobia. Luckily, GameSir finds a win-win solution—to hybrid. That’s where X3 Type-C is born.

As a wired controller & cooler in 1, X3 Type-C delivers a console-like experience while solving the overheating problem in your phone simultaneously. With a 4000 mm² cooling area and a 7-blade fan for superior airflow, it can efficiently cool down your phone once plugged in. Designed for pro-level gaming, bumpers, triggers, ABXY buttons and D-pad all come with Kailh switches, ensuring crisp tactile feedback so that you may forget that it’s playing on the phone while the Alps analogue thumbsticks allow for smooth, precise 360° control. More importantly, there are more ways to customize it to YOUR controller with various, interchangeable parts such as D-pad, thumbsticks and thumbstick caps. Gaming is Winning. If you don’t want to compromise, try X3 Type-C and let it lead you to the next-gen mobile gaming ecosystem.

GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller Review

A controller, or a cooler for mobile gaming? This has been a long-time question due to the less ergonomic space for equipping phones. Hesitantly, mobile gamers have to choose and use only one while gaming. However, being a controller & cooler in one, GameSir X3 Type-C makes it not a painful dilemma anymore by simultaneously delivering a console-style control experience and preventing your phone from thermal throttling and lagging during GPU-demanding games such as Fortnite. Just 1 device, but get 2 experience-controller & a cooler.

GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller Review

Based on Peltier cooling effect, X3 Type-C comes with a 4000 mm² cooling area on the face, providing large-area and ultra-fast cooling performance. 128 heat transfer columns help fast absorb heat from the Peltier module while the 7-blade fan spins at 7500 RPM for superior airflow. With this powerful engineered system, X3 Type-C can even deliver a 24°C drop on the phone’s skin temperature. The fan also comes with a noise-reduction design and runs at 32dB only.

X3 Type-C directly connects to your Android phone through the Type-C port, allowing the extra fast response of your on-screen character once buttons are pressed. Because of no wireless signal delay, it helps you keep any possible edge over the competition.

Clumsy, cumbersome swipe controls have never been more annoying as mobile games are becoming gradually complex, even console-grade. Luckily, X3 Type-C is the answer to that problem. Plug your phone into X3 Type-C and directly play every controller-supported game from Fortnite to Minecraft, without having to suffer through clunky touchscreen controls.

With the availability of plenty of cloud gaming services, gamers are able to enjoy console games without owning one. Certainly, X3 Type-C is also up to this by supporting nearly all popular cloud gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now, Steam Link, and Sony PlayStation Now.

Gaming is a big show. Once the cooler is plugged in, the back cooling fan works with a simultaneous dynamic RGB backlight, just like an RGB gaming monitor. At the moment, your controller is not just functional, but also beautiful and recognizable.

Overall, the GameSir X3 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller is a great way to game on the go.

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