Fossil Gen 5E Smart Watch Review

Fossil Gen 5E Smart Watch



This Fossil Gen 5E Smart Watch adds some style to your day while also being very practical. The 39mm display will let you swipe through all your apps and show you any notifications that would usually pop up on your phone. So, you can check who’s messaging you with just a glance. There’s a fitness tracker and GPS tech built-in too, meaning you can go for gold on the track or in the pool, and you’ll be able to check your distance, calories and much more. This model is even waterproof, meaning it’s brave enough to take the plunge and do some lengths with you. And if you add your debit card to its virtual wallet, you’ll always have it on you, meaning you can go grab a drink after all that thirsty work.

This Fossil smartwatch has a great battery life with loads of different options to give you full control. Daily Mode keeps most features turned on and can last for a full day – just plug it in when you go to sleep and you’re good. Or, if you’re away for a few days without a charger, you can switch to Extended Mode, leaving just the essentials running. So, whatever happens, it’ll always be there for you.

Fossil Gen 5E Smart Watch Review

Fossil Gen 5E Smart Watch Review

This Fossil smartwatch makes reaching your fitness goals much easier. If you’re going for a jog or you’re hitting the gym, it can track your heart rate for you with settings recommended by top medical professionals. And if you fancy a dip, it’s water-resistant too. Whatever works for you, this model can help you stay healthy.

Left your wallet at home? Not a problem if you’ve got this Fossil smartwatch strapped to your wrist. It’s got Google Pay built-in, so you can make contactless payments without having to carry your cash or cards everywhere. That means the next time you need to pick up a few bits on the way home, just swipe and go. Simple.

If you want to make a statement, this Fossil smartwatch has got you covered. You can choose from thousands of different watch faces, each with a unique style that’s made to match yours. That means whether you’re in the office, on your hols or just hanging out at home, you’re sure to find a look for any occasion.

This Fossil smartwatch doesn’t just look good on your wrist, it’s got loads of cool tech too. The multi-day battery modes let you choose which features you need, saving on power and making it last for as long as you want it to. And it’s got a built-in speaker so you can answer phone calls on the go. All that and much more fits into a smaller size that’s stylish and practical in every measure.

Fossil Gen 5E Smart Watch Review

The first day I used it, I played around with it a lot and installed apps and updated the watch, The battery life was terrible. I knew this would happen as all reviews said the first few days all the updates would kill the battery.

After the first day and all updates were completed the battery seemed to be fine and I played around with the battery settings and got to know what settings did what to the battery. On the daily setting I have been having around 20% battery life left, that’s from 6 am-10 pm but this is with light use and the watch being used mainly as a normal watch most of the day. Extended I found I can have as much as 40% left. With the custom option, you can adjust the settings to whatever you like so if you wanted I guess you could get 2-3 days from the watch but then most of the smart options are turned off.

Once the battery gets below 10% it asks you to turn on time only mode which turns the watch into exactly that a watch for telling the time. This is great if you are out and cannot charge but want to make sure you can still tell the time easy.

Speaker and mic work great for calls and Google assistant works well and is clear. I have quite small wrists so was concerned about the size but it doesn’t look too big and the slim body helps.

The number of options to make the watch your own is great including watch faces, battery settings and easily replaceable traps.

Overall, the Fossil Gen 5E Smart Watch is a fantastic option for Christmas and at a great price!

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