Flic Smart Button Review

Flic Smart Button



The Flic Smart Button is designed with you in mind, each Flic button includes a wearable clip and reusable adhesive backing. Clip it, stick it, or hold it and enjoy effortless wireless push-button control of your apps, services, and devices.

Flic Smart Button Review

I have always found the idea of the Flic great but never been sold on the use of it. In the world of voice control, why would you need a physical button? But I then started to use them for some simple tasks and found they make a great voice replacement.

Flic Smart Button

The packaging is simple and does a great job of telling you what you can use the Flic for. There is a list of compatible companies and the flic buttons themselves in different colours. They are rather small, around the size of a fingertip. The size doesn’t matter in how I use them. I will be sticking them around my flat, so I can just flic them on or off.

The outside is a silicone with a smooth touch to it. There is a good amount of grip on it, so if you held it, it wouldn’t slip about. You can also wash it with a damp cloth.

Flic Smart Button Review

The software experience is key for these kinds of devices, and I wasn’t disappointed. You add your Flic, give it a name and assign a colour. Once done, this is where the fun starts. You can start to assign jobs to the flic, based on a single click, double click or long click. The whole process is very intuitive and simple to follow.

So an example for me is a single click, will turn on my smart lights. There is a short delay or around 3 seconds, but this isn’t noticeable. This means I don’t have to wake up the wife to turn on the living room lights with my husky voice.

Battery life is around a year and a half, there is no option to charge them. There is IFTTT integration which options a door of possibilities, check them out – https://ifttt.com/flic

Flic Smart Button Review

I think anyone with smart devices should look into getting these. Though it may not solve every problem, it allows for some great customization. Finally, check out our other Digital Home reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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