Fiora Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger Review

Fiora Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger



The Ultimate Desk Charger by Fiora coupled with Fast Charge Qi Technology is one of the top of the line models. Not only does this wireless charger have fast charge capabilities (40% faster charging), it is incredibly stylish and can make any home or office a little classier. It is made from tempered glass and aluminium alloy. You can see the quality and craftsmanship in this incredible new mobile wireless charging stand. Great for your home or office with the convenience of no more cable or cords.

The Fiora Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger has a sleek industrial look to it. The glass design gives it a very superior feel to it, while the aluminium sides exaggerate that industrial look. The port is at the back, while the front features an indicator LED.

This can charge up to 15W, with the included wall plug and USB-C cable. I found this charged my phone in around 2 hours from empty to full. This was a lot faster than a lot of previous wireless chargers. The 15W power is a big boost over previous models, and this is how it can charge my device faster.

Fiora Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger Review

I actually ended up using this to charge my wireless earphones, as its a flat base its perfect for those kinds of devices. While for my phone, I prefer an angled charger.

The two big pluses for this is the look and speed of charging. The 15W gives this a 40% faster charge than other devices. The tempered glass is a first for me and looks great.

Overall, I was surprised by how fast the Fiora Ultimate Wireless Desk Charger charged my devices. This is perfect to just put my phone onto, or even my earphone case. Finally, check out our other charging reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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