final ZE3000 True Wireless Earbuds Review

final ZE3000 True Wireless Earbuds Review



The final ZE3000 True Wireless Earbuds are an ultimate dream for music lover. A portable HiFi system that fits in your pocket, delivering premium class sound quality wherever you are. Designed by Japanese audio brand, final (Previously known as final audio design).

I’m listening to them as I write this review. I’m not a professional reviewer but I am an audiophile with high end headphones, most expensive at £3000 and ear phones, most expensive £1500. I know all the community jargon but to me, it’s ALL about the music, and if the delivery system is really good, then the price is irrelevant. Unfortunately, most great systems cost. There are exceptions to the rule and the ZE3000 is one of them.

No, you won’t hear the whisper of the divine, but what you get for your money is bang for buck. The sound is wide open. Bigger than sound stages in wireless earphones at four times the price. The sound is musical. What I mean about that is that it’s not clinical and analytical but fun and engaging. Foot tapping engaging. The treble is sweet and never harsh. The mids are fantastic! I once heard an audiophile reviewer say, “Get the mids right and everything else falls into place”, I agree. I listen to lots of vocals from rock to lounge to opera. In all genres of music where a singer is involved, I have never heard of a singer being behind the orchestra or rock band. Not in the concerts I’ve been to anyway. The singer is front and centre, and that is the case with the ZE3000.

final ZE3000 True Wireless Earbuds Review

The fact is that because of the wide and forward soundstage, singers are out of your head and sit somewhere a foot in front of you. The stage is also wide. Instrument separation to left and right and drums sitting behind, and near placement perfect. The base is good and punchy with mid bass elevation more pronounced than sub base, though sub base is there. Again, it delivers this musically, which is what I look for as opposed to just technical ability.

The ergonomics of these earphones are superb. Looking at them I thought this would never fit my ear, too many sharp corners. But amazingly, they just disappeared into my ear canal and looked terrific to boot. The case is small and compact with a lovely texture to it, as do the ear phones, and will slip without notice into your pocket.

You get seven hours on the ear phones and thirty five with the case. So far, listening to these for three days, I have not recharged the case. They are marked at IPX4 water/ sweat rating but I’ve not yet tested this out.
The codex is SBC, AAC, Qualcomm APTX adaptive and they have the newest Bluetooth 5.2.

True wireless technology is new, and there are the usual suspects, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser etc., and the prices keep accelerating and, as with all tech, it’s a case of diminishing returns. But without too much hyperbole, these are the best true wireless earphones I’ve heard, bar none!

I haven’t taken a phone call on these yet and if you need apps or noise cancelling, look elsewhere. These are for music and haven’t we forgotten, that’s what earphones are for?

Overall, the final ZE3000 True Wireless Earbuds are just a fantastic set of earphones.

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