FIBBR C5 Original Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable Review

FIBBR C5 Original Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable



FIBBR C5 Original Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable is a USB3.1 Gen1 type-C to C optical cable, which supports high-speed data transmission and fast charging. It uses optical fiber to replace copper wire as the high-speed signal transmission medium. Optical fiber itself has perfect EMI/EMC features. Moreover, with the design of a double-layer high-quality spiral braided grounding shield, the USB-C5 product has excellent anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics.

It is not affected by outside complex electromagnetic environments and can realize efficient and stable high-quality image transmission. This strong and durable cable utilizes YOFC special optical fiber and 0.5mm-thick high-strength TPU anti-abrasive sheath, which can realize 15ft long-distance data transmission with no fear of knotting and friction.

FIBBR C5 Original Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable Review

FIBBR C5 Original Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable Review

This is by far the most superior USB-C cable I have ever seen. 5 meters of USB 3.1 does the job. Provides full compatibility with Quest 2 and during gameplay, I didn’t notice any loss, it must be considered on that length but in this case no problem whatsoever.

I like how this cable is flexible. Much less risk of breaking copper wire inside and not tangling while in use. Connectors on both sides are protected against bending with thick rubber with a producent logo on it. Everything comes in beautiful and tidy packaging, but I think a bit too excessive.

The cable itself is very light and since you are using it with a VR headset it won’t be a problem, nothing will bother you such as pulling a heavy cable behind you.

Considering it as a regular USB-C cable you can use it with any other device such as a MacBook, smartphone etc. Talking about price, the quality of this cable is incredible, as well specification however still doesn’t justify paying that much for cable.

Overall, I have to recommend getting the FIBBR C5 Original Oculus Quest 2 Link Cable.

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