FAR: Lone Sails Nintendo Switch Review

FAR: Lone Sails Nintendo Switch



FAR: Lone Sails on Nintendo Switch, Traverse a dried-out seabed littered with the remains of a decaying civilization. Keep your unique vessel going, overcome numerous obstacles and withstand the hazardous weather conditions. How far can you make it? What will you find?

FAR: Lone Sails Nintendo Switch Review

FAR: Lone Sails is impossible to put into one kind of genre. There are little nuggets of every game genre that exists, and this makes it one of the top games for me.

I was surprised to learn this was already out on PC and other consoles, as it felt the perfect game for the Switch. This is a visual game getting across all the story by showing it on the screen.

Your character is alone, in a black and white landscape. You’re the only friend is the vehicle you use to traverse the environment. You need to keep it going by collecting junk, which is converted into energy.

FAR: Lone Sails Nintendo Switch Trailer

The gameplay can get rather chaotic, as you have to keep all the plates spinning. Keeping an eye on the engine, the fire hose and welding torch. You can only hold onto so much junk, so you will have to get rid of stuff.

Oh but don’t worry Jabba, I’m sure there is a tutorial or a nice fairy to tell you what to do. Nope! There is no help, you have to learn how to maintain your vehicle, and collecting junk as you go.

FAR: Lone Sails Nintendo Switch Review

As you play you can upgrade your vehicle with things like a sail and or a vacuum to pick up junk. After a couple of hours, I knew when something would break on the vehicle and knew how to prevent it. You do end up being one with the vehicle.

The game is made up of long travelling sections, where you must jump around to keep your vehicle moving. Jumping out to collect junk or to clear the way for us to move through. These areas are where the platforming part appears.

One problem is that the world is huge and you are small. This is solved with the zoom in and out controls, but they have to be held down. I would’ve liked to see the option to stay zoomed in.

FAR: Lone Sails Nintendo Switch Review

Overall FAR: Lone Sails is a great game for the Switch. It handles great in handheld mode and docked. The mix of genres means it will cater to everyone, as there is something for everyone.

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