Experience the Power of Audio with the EPOS GSX 300

EPOS today announced the introduction of the EPOS I SENNHEISER GSX 300, a stylish external sound card that offers a hassle-free quality upgrade of audio quality over the typical on-board audio of gaming PCs.

Smart by design

For ease of use, the minimalist casing has a dedicated volume dial (synchronized with Windows 10’s own sound controls) and a “smart” button that can be configured to switch sound / game profiles or stereo / surround sound modes. An LED ring around the volume dial indicates the chosen mode.

Experience the Power of Audio with the EPOS GSX 300

Engineered for excellence

The GSX 300 external USB sound card is carefully engineered to offer a balanced feature set at a competitive price point. Combined with the proprietary EPOS Gaming Suite for Windows 10, the setup offers customizable 7.1 surround sound, digital sound processing that can be tailored on a per-game basis and integrated noise cancellation and “gating” to deliver crisp, clear in-game communication when used with a headset or external mic. Additionally, the software offers voice enhancement settings and controllable side-tone levels – allowing players to dial their own voice in or out of their headsets.

New life for your existing headset

The GSX 300 is an excellent way to breathe new life into your existing gaming headset, no matter the brand. Simply attach the headset through the GSX 300’s two 3.5mm jack sockets (one for mic and one for audio) and enjoy the significant boost in your gaming audio experience – audio quality which would be impossible to achieve with most on-board sound cards in both laptops and desktop computers.

Experience the Power of Audio with the EPOS GSX 300

The ideal audio upgrade
We designed the GSX 300 to be the ideal entry level audio upgrade for PC gamers currently using their onboard sound – whether laptop or desktop – in a unit that’s stylish, durable and well-engineered. Combined with our recently upgraded EPOS Gaming Suite, it offers gamers a quality audio solution at a competitive price point and gives users a first taste of how you can upgrade your audio with EPOS. Let the Power of Audio transport you to a new gaming dimension!

Price and availability
The EPOS I SENNHEISER GSX 300 is now available on eposaudio.com/gaming at a recommended retail price of $79/£69/AU$129,90‌

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