Everspace: Stellar Edition Nintendo Switch Review

Everspace appeared on Kickstarter in 2016. Combining FTL and 3D space exploration. Everspace: Stellar Edition has been ported to Switch, and I wanted to see if this massive space exploration game would play well on the Switch.

Everspace: Stellar Edition Nintendo Switch Review

You start the same as a clone of Adam Roslin, on your way to reaching Cluster 34. When you die in the game, which after a couple of months of playing has happened a lot to me, you start the game as a new clone. Unlike other rogue-like games, Everspace has a solid story-line.

Everspace: Stellar Edition Nintendo Switch Review

If you have ever played FTL, the format of Everspace will seem familiar. Your goal is to progress across seven randomly generated sectors. You only have enough fuel for a couple of jumps, meaning you have to scavenge more in the various sectors. There are many dangerous elements to the game including rival ships, space anomalies like storms and black holes. When you sie you go back to the start of the whole game, but you do keep your money and blueprints. Money is used to buy improvements for your ship, or unlock additional ones, while blueprints are used to craft new weapons, shields, consumables.

EVERSPACE – Stellar Edition Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

As your clones keep memories of each other, then any progress you have made is saved. There are various NPC’s which make exploration even more fun. The constant loop of dying and exploration is still a fun one, with each attempt getting me further and further to that 7th sector. Each attempt allows me to get a bit more money and better upgrades. Controls are easy to pick up, thanks to a quick tutorial mission at the beginning of the game. Don’t go for the easy mode, stick with normal.

Everspace: Stellar Edition Nintendo Switch Review

The look of each sector isn’t too different, with the basic format staying the same. Explore as quickly as you can, scavenge and kill the enemies. This is not a fly around and explores every each kind of game.

Texture and lighting quality have taken a major hit on the Switch. But that’s not why people will buy it, they buy it because of the portability. The controls are fluid and is excellent to play. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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