Event Horizon: Space Defense Nintendo Switch Review

Event Horizon: Space Defense Nintendo Switch



Event Horizon: Space Defense on Nintendo Switch. You are under attack! Set in the captivating Event Horizon universe, this hardcore game puts you in control of a massive space fleet at war with over twelve alien factions. Make the best decisions in two crucial phases: strategic building and adrenaline-fueled battles. You will have to trace your path to victory from a large variety of possible items, features and actions. You should also travel to hunt giant space worms, investigate helpful beacons and scavenge wreckages for new assets. There is no end to the game, the stronger you become, the stronger your enemies will be. The war lasts forever – defend your station at all costs!

Event Horizon: Space Defense Nintendo Switch Review

Event Horizon: Space Defense Nintendo Switch Trailer

In Event Horizon: Space Defense you are in command of a fleet of ships, and you have to defend your space base. You have to defeat wave after wave of enemies, all the while collecting power-ups, ships and mercs to help in your assault.

I found the controls a little difficult to use. Trying to stop on a dime was almost impossible, and I constantly overshot. There is an energy level when shooting, this is to stop you from shooting all over the place. You have to plan your shots and get close enough to hit them.

Event Horizon: Space Defense Nintendo Switch Review

You can grab “bolt-ons” for your ship and base. These can include weapons and armour. Additional ships can be unlocked, and then be upgraded. This part of the game was quite addictive and I spent a while attaching weapons to my base and ship.

Exploration is a key aspect of this game, you can explore the far reaches of space, fight space worms, hire mercs and find blueprints and hidden treasures. These blueprints can then be used to unlock additional ships.

Event Horizon: Space Defense Nintendo Switch Review

My issue with the game is that there is no goal. You play wave after wave, they increase in difficulty to you have to adapt and upgrade. This ends up being a never-ending spiral of kill, upgrade, repeat.

Overall, Event Horizon: Space Defense is a fun space game. But without a story or goal, becomes forgotten quickly. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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