eufy security S330 eufyCam 3 Review

eufy security S330 eufyCam 3



The eufy security S330 eufyCam 3 is the best I’ve tried. With my job, I’m lucky enough to try different brands from Nest, Blink, Ring, and Neos and these are 100% the best so far.

They have by far, the best amount of options for customising settings. From recording activation time, length of the recording and the best feature is seeing the amount of power you’re getting from the solar panel.

Face detection is also very good, and you can add family photos meaning it will know them the next time they visit. I’ve got mine set to alert me to cars and humans but have turned off pet detection as we do have a lot of cats which pass under the cameras.

eufy security S330 eufyCam 3 Review

eufy security S330 eufyCam 3 Review

The 4K quality is also great and is a massive benefit over 1080p cameras as I can now zoom in down the drive while retaining the image quality. I can also see how these won’t need charging at all as mine have been up with winter weather and have already charged via the solar panel. (Ignore the first day as I was unboxing them inside)

I’ve also managed to cancel all of my subscriptions now I am recording locally to the hard drive. Fitted a 2TB HDD so shouldn’t have to delete any clips for a long time.

The only downside I’ve found so far is the iPad app as this doesn’t seem to fit the screen very well. And I can’t get either of the cameras to work when viewing from a web browser. I would also really like to buy two more cameras to see how the hub three will handle more than 2 devices but they aren’t cheap. (close to buying another pack of two with another hub)

Don’t let any of the above put you off as these issues I’m sure will be fixed by Eufy. Will hopefully be ordering more add-on cameras and will be recommending them to all my customers.

Overall, the eufy security S330 eufyCam 3 is a fantastic upgrade to the eufy cams.

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