eufy 2K Video Doorbell Review

eufy 2K Video Doorbell



Going back to work has meant that I am no longer in to receive any parcels. Enter the eufy 2K Video Doorbell, which allows me to keep an eye on anyone getting close to my front door, and also speak to them if needed.

eufy 2K Video Doorbell Review

A huge advantage of eufy over say Ring is that all your videos are stored locally. This means that nothing is on the cloud and accessible to global corporations. You also need to be able to work a screwdriver and you can install this all by yourself.

The Homebase is the brain of the Eufy security ecosystem and links all the other devices together. This is where all your video is stored, it utilizes military-grade AES-256 data encryption ensuring your footage is kept private on transmission and storage. This is plugged directly into an Ethernet or Wifi, though I’d recommend both encase one stops working. There is also the eufy Security app, which allows you to view the doorbell feed, hear the doorbell, talk to the person, or even send a text response.

eufy 2K Video Doorbell Review

Set up is a little tricky, you need to fully charge it first via the USB cable. Then attach the mounting plate onto your doorway. The doorbell then clips inside, removing it is done via a key. Installation took me 5 mins with my Teng Tool kit.

The app runs you through setting it up and its pretty simple from there. This is also where you set up the motion zones, video quality, ring sounds etc. One the doorbell is pressed, the homebase will ring, as will your phone. You will get a notification which you can open, allowing you to view and talk to the doorbell ringer. The video is recorded at 2K so you can see everything clearly. There is also night vision, which is great for any late-night visitors.

eufy 2K Video Doorbell Review

You can Livestream from the doorbell whenever you want, but this will start to drain the battery. There is a home and away option, so different settings are activated based on your geolocation.

All the video recorded onto the homebase is organised by date and time, you can view them all through the app, share it and also delete them. This is all included with no monthly costs, unlike Ring or Canary, you buy the doorbell and that’s where your spending finishes.

Overall, the eufy 2K Video Doorbell is a total steal at the price. The homebase alone is fantastic as you build up the ecosystem of doorbells and cameras. Finally, check out our other Digital Home reviews. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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