Today, etnies introduces a new shoe, the Joslin Vulc, designed by the skate legend Chris Joslin. The OG Joslin is a fan favourite, which has been the inspiration with the Joslin Vulc shoe.


The Vulc is packed with new features such as first-ever vulcanized outsole with Michelin rubber, engineered to be three times more durable. In addition to its durability, the new Joslin Vulc features a slimmer silhouette, while offering the same impact protection as the Joslin Pro Model, so you can do exactly the same tricks as Chris.

Chris Joslin’s advice for any starting skaters, embodies etnies ethos really well: “My advice to starting skaters would be to just have fun, don’t take it too serious. If your expecting something in return your not doing it for the right reasons. Or in other words to quote Jake Phelps ‘Skateboarding doesn’t owe you shit.’ “

In addition to this, the shoes are part of etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree initiative, where for every pair sold, one tree will be planted with trees with the future. The initiative has seen over 2 million trees planted to date.

The Joslin Vulc retails for £65 and can be bought at The style is available in burgundy, black and navy colourways.

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