EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset Review

EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset



EPOS designed the EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset as an evolution of the acclaimed GSP 500 and 600 Series, to cater for the demanding gamer who needs the highest quality headset, optimized for gaming – no batteries, no latency, perfectly balanced, super-durable but with replaceable parts should they be required.

These headphones are comfortable to wear, even for long periods. They completely cut out noise from outside with large, soft pads. Even the top band is nicely padded.

EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset Review

EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset Review

The box comes with the headphones and two sets of leads – one right-angled 3.5mm for multi-port sockets that can include a speaker/mic, and a 3.5mm lead that splits into two for sound cards with dedicated in/out ports (pink and green). The cables are covered in a nice cloth and are supple if a tad shorter than I’d like (around 130cm). The other end of the lead goes in a nicely protected recess on the headphones.

The mic slides up and down well and I can hear the faint click of the switch to cut the mic out when it goes nearly up – but it didn’t cut out on my laptop (which uses the single speaker/mic port). It’s head on magnetically and comes off if not required. The exposed contacts can be covered with the supplied blanking plate.

There’s a volume dial on the other side that’s not easy to accidentally knock and it works well. I must admit I find it hard to have soundproof headphones that I use when talking. Your voice resonates differently and I can’t get used to it. I much prefer these for music.

The mic is excellent though, picking up speech clearly, even when slightly raised (and in my case, not cutting out). Headphone quality is also excellent, with a wide tonal range that’s low and high enough to be subtle without sounding overly bassy or shrill. Like good speakers where you don’t hear the bass as much as feel it. Easy to listen to for long periods.

These come in a lovely box which you’d best keep as there’s no bag for them to go in to keep them clean when not in use!

Overall, the EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset are a fantastic choice for audiophiles out there.

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